Anil Kolap

In the power sector, things are changing rapidly in terms of power generation from thermal and fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, and the weight is being given to making our energy smarter. Anil Kolap, Director (Operations), Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Co. Limited, Government of Maharashtra, highlighted this in the Elets organised power utilities conclave 2022.

According to him, the challenge of integration of renewable energy into the grid is paramount and technological innovation should be explored to make the process efficient.

He said in Maharashtra, the wind usually is very strong in the monsoon season when the demand is not that high, but given the demand outpacing the supply of energy in the state, it is important to efficiently integrate those renewable energy into the grid. He then suggested that MSETCL could also look into the integration of trapped wind energy.

Exploring the importance of energy swapping or efficient distribution and transmission of energy between states, he suggested that banking of the power could be a good option. He said, because in the atmospheric condition of Northern India, the demand is higher, whereas Maharashtra has low demand, so power can be shared between states. This approach can be significant from a grid management point of view.

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Talking about storage of renewable energy for its efficient use, he said when the demand soars in Mumbai, this stored renewable energy can be utilised in meeting the demand. For this, effective battery storage, grid management and grid manoeuvring must be taken care of. He said we can leverage emerging technologies like analytics or AI/ML in that regard.

“We are planning to collaborate with SAS for various data management and analytics to use the SCADA’s data and inputs to properly forecast the energy demand, so that we can have effective load management and load forecasting,” he concluded.


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