Technology offers immense potential

Sameer Unhale

Sameer Unhale, State Mission Director, Swachh Maharashtra Mission Urban talked about how technology can be utilised for facing the challenges of public policy making, public policy implementation and execution. He said, “Leveraging technology, we can do many works simultaneously as manual work has own limitations. Technology has helped us in effectively managing services and infrastructure in urban areas.”

Unhale said that many efforts have been made to adopt technology into the management of cities and services, and infrastructure. “We have seen many initiatives from various types of services, especially in the last two decades,” he said. He also stressed upon the fact that technology and the potential it has to resolve challenges is what has made urban living more comfortable and enjoyable.

Talking about the Smart Cities Mission, he said that it is an indicator of how technology is getting used in various elements of urban living. “We are coming up with new ideas in this essential space of technology – in urban services, urban management, and smart cities. We have seen the Integrated Command & Control Centres (ICCC), the live data feeds, real-time management of urban services, the SCADA approach which was used for water supply management and is also being proposed for used water management under the various missions of Central and state governments.”

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He concluded by saying that we can overcome challenges like climate change and sustainability, by utilising technology to its full potential.