Involvement of Public is Key to Making a City ‘Smart City’

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Kamal Kishor Yadav, Municipal Commissioner, Chandigarh

In Chandigarh, we take feedbacks from people about our projects putting their grievance redressal on topmost priority giving them timely services with transparency so that there is no allegation of corruption. So, more involvement of public is the key with which we are working, says Kamal Kishor Yadav, Municipal Commissioner, Chandigarh in conversation with Priya Yadav of Elets News Network (ENN).

Please tell us about the projects you are currently working on?

We are currently working on four major projects i.e. water management, waste management, developing technologyenabled surveillance system and Energy conservation. For the water management project, we have already prepared Detailed Project Reports (DPR) and we are also going to get funds from AFD for the 24*7 water supply system.

A pilot project has been taken up in which we will be installing a 24*7 water supply system along with smart water. The second aspect of this water management is the treatment of the sewage for which the Municipal Chandigarh Administration and Smart City have started work on upgrading of five Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) and construction of one new STP.

We are also working on using the treated water for horticulture purposes in the Chandigarh area. For that, we have started a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for treated water.

This whole cycle will provide better water management and conservation practices throughout the jurisdiction of Chandigarh.

How are you implementing the waste management project?

Under the waste management project, Municipal Corporation along with Chandigarh Smart City is constructing three material recovery and transfer stations. This whole process is undertaken under the SCADA system. We also are purchasing vehicles for door-to-door garbage collections in order to ensure the practice of holistic waste management. Apart from this we also have a legacy dump of garbage and the work has been started on the site for clearing this dump.

How is technology helping you in making Chandigarh a smart city?

We have started the implementation of Information Technology (IT) for better service delivery and better management of our resources, traffic, co-ordination between different departments and wings of the administration. The work on an Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) has already been started.

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We have also signed MoU with Bharat Electronics Limited and we are in advance stage of integration of controlled command system. Our work has been allotted to EWC and eGov joint venture for eGovernance solution for Municipal Corporation under the Chandigarh Administration. Under this, we are going to deal with all services which are being provided by the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh Administration and even our internal services for which we are going to use IT services.

What steps are you taking to make Chandigarh a clean and green city?

We have implemented solar energy powered LED lamps on Chandigarh streets in place of street lights to conserve electricity and reduce power consumption. Along with this public bike sharing and dedicated cycle tracks for clean and green environment.

How are you envisaging Chandigarh to become Chandigarh Smart City?

It is the people and their involvement towards their city which makes it smarter. In Chandigarh, we take feedback from the people about our projects putting their grievance redressal on topmost priority, giving them timely services with transparency so that there is no allegation of corruption. So, more involvement of the public is the key to which we are working. I hope with support from Smart City Chandigarh we will make this city a Smart City in true sense.

How are you ensuring public involvement in making Chandigarh a Smart City?

The major boost came from one project of Smart City Mission under the Government of India. Under this Mission, we started the Smart City Fellowship. In this, we involved citizens to solve the problems and take the decisions for the same in the most creative and constructive way.

Under this project, we did a lot of activities in the last few months. This helped us in creating a new strategy for engagement by the public.

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