Smart City Summit, Kalyan Dombivali – Smart City Mission Becomes a Reality

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With an aim to highlight the smart initiatives undertaken by the Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) and emphatically put forward city’s case for being groomed into a Smart City, the Corporation, in association with Elets Technomedia Pvt Ltd, Noida, organised “Elets Smart City Summit – Kalyan-Dombivli”. Held on 17-18 June in Kalyan, Mumbai, the two-day Summit saw large participation from thought leaders, policy makers, industry experts and other relevant stakeholders in the smart cities domain, both from private and government sector, academia and others. It also provided a unique platform for exchange of experiences and ideas from across the nation for the development of smart urban infrastructure.


Shri Devendra Fadnavis
Hon’ble Chief Minister, Maharashtra

I congratulate the Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) for taking this initiative through a Smart City Summit to gather over 50 corporate decision makers and another 50 government officials in this forum. All government and semi-government bodies are service providers to the citizens. It’s our duty to provide service to our citizens, while to avail these services is a right of the citizens. The Right to Human Service Act has been brought online to remove any kind of human intervention and to bring transparency in services and make it an option for credible governance. The state government has brought about 150 services online and today I am happy that KDMC has brought their major services online by launching this app of theirs. It’s my dream that in the next two years, there will be a situation when no citizen will have to visit a corporation or any government office for the purpose of availing any service from the government

A Prime Minister’s initiative


The concept of smart cities is the brain child of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, which is a concept to transform cities into smart cities having the best practices with the use of technologies to upgrade the physical, social and economical infrastructure of an existing city. The result of the smart city mission will be economic growth and improvement in quality of life

Shri Eknath Shinde
Hon’ble Minister of PWD (MSRSC & Public Undertaking) and Guardian Minister Thane, Maharashtra

Making of a ‘people’s revolution’

Numerous developmental activities have happened in the past few years under the leadership of E Ravendiran, Commissioner, KDMC. Just as Yoga has transformed into a people’s revolution across the world, Swachch Maharashtra and Smart City projects in Maharashtra have transformed into a people’s revolution, withF Hon’ble CM, Shri Devendra Fadnavis, monitoring it himself

Shri Prakash Mehta
Hon’ble Minister for Housing, Labor & Mining, Maharashtra

Working for healthier citizenry

KDMC, together with the current state government, has enabled the city with many facilities essential for leading a healthy life and also for making a city smart. The city has witnessed tremendous developmental measures in the past few years to make KalyanDombivli the best in its class for smart cities

Rajendra Devlekar
Mayor, Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation

Showcasing the smart initiatives

With an aim to highlight the smart initiatives undertaken by KDMC and emphasising the city’s initiatives to qualify in the Central Government’s smart city plans, we, together with Elets Technomedia, have organised this summit

E Ravendiran
Commissioner, Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation

A partner that KDMC banks on


Banks will play a very crucial role in the process of building the Smart City by provisioning a whole lot of financial services through digital platform. Our institution has successfully partnered with KDMC in the process of Swachch Bharat Mission being implemented by KDMC

Trishna Guha
Executive Director, Dena Bank

An opportunity for Turkey


We are very glad to be here on this platform and we look upon the smart city initiatives undertaken by the government here as an opportunity for us to explore. Globally, Turkey is known for its construction projects. Though out of the 9000 projects that we are doing across the globe, only eight are for India, we hope to contribute more. One of the biggest projects that we aspire to complete for this nation is Metro III

H E Erdal Sabri Ergan
Consul General, Turkey

What it takes to Build a Smart City

Innate smartness of cities

Every city has a certain level of smartness. Depending on the capacity each city is trying to improve to make life of citizens better

U P S Madan
Metropolitan Commissioner, Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA)

Banker to Maharashtra Govt

ICICI Bank is coming up with a solution that offers relaxed credit rating or documents for loans in housing sector… We facilitate e-auction for 25 corporations of the Maharashtra Government

Ashish Saxena
Product Head, ICICI Bank

eGov vehicle to local bodies

ABM has delivered almost 6 crore citizen services and now it has been selected by four states for statewide replication of urban local bodies and partnering with 850 urban local bodies for e-governance across India

Prakash Rane
Founder, ABM Knowledgeware

Auditing CCTV videos smartly

Just installing CCTV cameras won’t help until the video is audited. The indigenous COMSUR software can create data backup in 500 per cent smaller data size and can audit CCTV frequently

Gautam Goradia
Chief Executive Officer, Comsur

Five ‘Ps’ of Smart Cities

Developing Smart Cities require five ‘Ps’ or the common factors — Planning, People, Political will and vision, Power of leveraging, and Products and processes. But the profile of individual cities makes them unique, which must not be lost sight of

Sidharth Sihag
Commissioner & CEO – SPV Smart City Udaipur Municipal Corporation

Smart Cities to food security

For analysing soil health, the Andhra Government has employed technology. Since agriculture is related to food security, technology can effectively bring about the changes, and such initiatives can be used in Smart City projects too

Balaji D Manjule
Deputy Secretary, Agriculture Dept, Andhra Pradesh

Partnerships must for smart cities

HE_Erdal_Sabri (2)
Turkey is interested in having a strong partnership with India for developing smart cities, and the governments’ involvement should be co-operative for working conveniently and effectively

H E Erdal Sabri Ergan
Consul General, Turkey

Striking the water balance

‘Green buildings through water balance’ is a remarkable initiative by Credai where 60 litres of the 130 litres needed per head every day can be generated through sewerage treatment plants

Mayur Shah
President, MCHI and Credai

Leveraging ICT for Building Smart Cities

ICT tools for revenue generation

M-governance through apps, financial inclusion planning, capacity building of officials for adopting technology… All these have collectively contributed towards collection of 20 per cent revenue through implementation of ICT

Selva Kumari J
Managing Director, KESCO

Showcasing the smart initiatives

Shubha N_Bhambhanani
ICT plays a crucial role in Smart City building. BSNL is aggressively and proactively working with states as well as the Union government for several Smart City projects. BSNL is also wellequipped to offer ICT solutions to KDMC too

Shubha N Bhambhanani
General Manager, C&M, BSNL

Largest B2C e-commerce site

Ticketing is IRCTC’s mega business and IRCTC sells 5.5 lakh tickets per day with the maximum in a single day being over 13 lakh tickets. It is the largest B2C e-commerce site. A new e-wallet version will be launched soon

A K Manocha
Chairman & Managing Director, IRCTC

ICT for efficiency in Rajasthan

From scanning documents to creating archives to applying for civic amenities online, the Rajasthan Government is implementing ICT in various domains. GPS-enabled tracking of employees and projects is also helping in ensuring sincere work

Shiv Prasad Nakate
Commissioner, Kota Municipal Corporation

Challenges & Opportunities in leading a Smart City Drive

It’s more than technology

The development of a smart city is an idea driven by many factors, not just technology. The facilitation of good municipal services, including pedestrian friendly roads and affordable housing, also form a major part of it

E Ravendiran
Commissioner, Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation

Public help to bring change

There was a lot of speculation regarding smart cities. People thought they would get enormous funds from government but it took some time to explain them that without their direct participation, it isn’t possible

Priyavrat Pandya
Commissioner, Ajmer Municipal Corporation

Traffic issues in focus

Considering other factors, the foremost issue to be addressed is traffic of Kalyan. How to make the city safe, how the pedestrians will have their right to path is the challenge that we are facing

Sanjay Shinde
DCP, Kalyan

Changing beyond limit

Since its inception, the Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation has stretched four times beyond its limits. But people are still attracted to this city as it has kept its charm intact

Sanjay Gharat
Additional Municipal Commissioner, KDMC

Financial Implications for Smart Cities

Super communication highway on anvil

MSDRC has completed projects worth Rs 8,581 crore, including MumbaiPune Express Highway and Bandra–Worli Sea Link. Also, projects up to the value of Rs 58,000 crore are in the pipeline. It has planned NagpurMumbai Super Communication Highway under a land pooling model. It will be carried out purely on the basis of people’s participation

P S Mandpe
Joint Managing Director, Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Ltd.

Private sector support vital

In Rajasthan, we have seven municipal metro cities with seven municipal commissioners, of which Jaipur and Udaipur have already been selected for smart cities by the Central Government. Going by the financial implications, support of private sector holds great importance for us to achieve our target

B L Jatawat
ED, RUDSICO, Govt of Rajasthan

Funding remains an issue

Funding for the smart city project is Rs. 1,000 crore per city – Rs.500 crore from the Centre, and Rs.250 crore from the state government and Rs.250 crore coming from local bodies. Local bodies have to contribute Rs.50 crore per annum. But only some local bodies in the country have the ability to contribute Rs.50 crore annually

Abhay Kantak
Director, CRISIL

Banks can help in tax collection

Banks can minimise the cost involved in collection of taxes through various channels, including the internet. The banking sector has evolved in a big way technologically, as people now-a-days do not need to go to a bank and can carry out any banking activity sitting at home itself

S Dharmarajan
General Manager FI & IT, Dena Bank

Monetising human efforts

The Government of India has envisioned smart cities, which are intelligent and not just a beautiful property. Ensuring how this intelligence comes into play by monetising the entire effort of life of a city is where the financial intermediation will play a big role

Ravi Narayanan
Group Head, HDFC Bank

Smart Cities come for a cost

Shaping up the idea of a Smart City does not require any cost, but while actually building it, funding comes into the picture that is not easy to meet. As far as local bodies are concerned, they have many limitations in collecting revenues keeping in mind they have to contribute Rs.50 crore every year for the project

Gopal Bhandurge
Assistant General Manager, Punjab National Bank

Corporations’ initiative needed for development

It is very important for local bodies to come up with initiatives for development that we can accordingly finance. Therefore, the first move has to be taken by the corporations in terms of coming up with proposals to invite funds from our end

R. Hari Kumar
Zonal Manager, Bank of Maharashtra

Timely funds collection must

Funds needed by corporations for developing a Smart City come through collection, and these collections need to be done really fast. For example, the raising of property tax will be of no use if it does not happen within a stipulated time frame

R Srinivasan
Assistant General Manager, Union Bank of India

Best Practices of Smart Cities In India

Solar panels for govt buildings

In Rajasthan, we have smart commissioners in charge of the selected cities for smart cities project. One of the best practices we have envisaging for Jaipur and Udaipur is installation of roof-top solar panels on all government buildings

B L Jatawat
ED, RUDSICO, Govt of Rajasthan

Smart meters for water conservation

KDMC is well equipped to take on the smart city challenge. Earlier, the people here used to suffer water shortages. We decided to install meters in High Income Group residential areas to make it even. Starting in 2002, the meters have been working fine and our water revenue has matched the expenses

Pramod Kulkarni
City Engineer, Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation

E-governance on play

We have undertaken initiatives to introduce e-governance at various levels. The system of property tax has been made online to a great extent. As for cleanliness, we have placed underground dustbins management the waste

Ramesh Chauhan
Nodal Officer – Smart City, Dehradun Municipal Corporation

Waste as revenue source

The concept of Smart Cities has given us an opportunity to paint our ideas afresh. The municipalities have started to look at waste as a source of revenue. Municipal governance has to be conducted the e-governance way

Sidharth Sihag
Commissioner & CEO – SPV Smart City Udaipur Municipal Corporation

Special Presentation: Smart City

Kalyan-Dombivli to turn knowledge hub

Given the high literacy rate in Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation area, We have plans to boost bio-technology. This will, in turn, give boost to the Pharma and paramedical related professions. We are also considering to turn Kalyan-Dombivli a knowledge hub

Mandar Alave
Corporator, Kalyan


Speakers pose with their mementos


Smart and Safe Cities: Role of Various Stakeholders

KDMC plays crucial role

Kalyan-Dombivli area has been selected to be developed into a smart city. It is a historic city and now we have to convert it to a modern city. The KDMC has taken great initiatives, which led to its selection under the Smart Cities Mission

Naresh Chandra
Principal, Birla College, Kalyan

Smart policing for Smart Cities

Smart cities need smart policing. An example is Singapore where police personnel are not visible on streets but the city’s surveillance is done by CCTV and other intelligent systems

Sanjay Shinde
DCP, Kalyan

Stress on green buildings

Builders and real estate developers are prominent stakeholders in the Kalyan Smart City project. Implementation of green buildings can reduce water and electricity by 30-40 per cent. PPP model can also be used for green buildings

Vikas Virkar
Member, MCHI, Kalyan

ICT-enabled traffic management

Dr _Rashmi_Karandikar
KDMC is well equipped to take on the smart city challenge. Earlier, the people here used to suffer water shortages. We decided to install meters in High Income Group residential areas to make it even. Starting in 2002, the meters have been working fine and our water revenue has matched the expenses

Dr Rashmi Karandikar
DCP, Thane

Mayor’s Conclave: Significance of Political will for Developing Smart Cities

People’s views top consideration

The population of Kalyan-Dombivli region is around 18 lakh. We have prepared our smart city plan keeping public suggestions on top of all considerations. If bureaucrats and politicians work together in framing policies and schemes, developments are sure to meet the expectations of one and all

Rajendra Devlekar
Mayor, KDMC

E-governance on play

The concept of smart city is an idea meant for all, and if each citizen contributes a little, we can achieve rare feats. The bureaucrats and politicians of our country have unmatched skills and knowledge in this domain, who if join hands for launching smart city initiatives, the output can be surprising

Sanjay More
Mayor, Thane Municipal Corporation

Raipur does smart experiment

Raipur has done a smart experiment in the city. Keeping in mind the convenience of public, we have opened an e-Rickshaw stand to take commuters to a nearby AC bus stop. We spoke with a bank and got an ATM machine installed closer to the bus stop. The Raipur Municipal Corporation has also set up a public toilet a few steps ahead. All the four amenities are taken care of by the ATM security guard

Pramod Dubey
Mayor, Raipur

Preserving heritage of cities

Smart city doesn’t mean copying cities abroad, but it actually requires modernisation and modification. Preserving ancient heritage and transforming it into modern culture is all about smart cities. Varanasi is a densely populated city with many infrastructure and technology adoption challenges but we are putting all efforts to make it smart

Ram Gopal Mohile
Mayor, Varanasi


Speakers seated on the dais during the Mayors’ Conclave

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