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Mobile applications challenge for cloud security

Country Manager, HP

By 2020 it’s expected that about one trillion mobile applications would be available for around 100 billion connected mobiles devices. All these are prone to cyber attacks. Initially HP was focusing only on the network and the data security, but suddenly another key element which has come up is Cloud security, because any application you have, any transaction which you try to access is over the Cloud now. So Cloud security has become crucial. When it comes to implementation for eGovernance, the key area which I recommend to focus on is the identity management because in any (cyber) attack it’s important to figure out the people who are responsible for it. Once an attack is made, how you would come out of the crisis situation needs lot of planning in the management layer.


BYOD a threat to data security

General Manager, APTS

The three parameters of the data, i.e. Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability, should be ensured to secure data with respect to any cyber policy. Data can be seen in three stages – backup model, processing model or one in the transit. If we secure these three stages, automatically we will be able to ensure data security. Some of the threats visualised for the near future is BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices). Almost everyone visiting government offices and secretariat has smart phones and they are making most of the services on WiFi. Hence there is a chance of data leakage. These devices don’t have MDM (Mobile Device Management), so we cannot restrict their access to different sites. That is the place where we need to examine the BYOD policy. We are going for a third party audit for all the government applications before they are put into their life.


Cyber security a growing challenge

CEO, Innovation Society,
Dept of IT, Govt of AP

CEO, Innovation Society, Dept of IT, Govt of AP

In the coming decade, a proper cyber security framework will be indispensible for any business. In the burgeoning digital age almost everyone owns advanced gadgets like smartphones, laptops, ipads, etc. and online communication has become crucial. So, it has become easy for anyone to hack passwords and cause severe loss. Even a single security attack, in the form of a virus, can damage a country’s governance. Knowing the importance of cyber security, the Andhra Pradesh government is working hard to set up a fully integrated cyber security infrastructure which will open ample opportunities for the collaborating companies. We will make some significance announcements regarding the same within next 2-3 months and the state government is expecting feedback from the industry as well. Andhra Pradesh will also develop centers exclusively for cyber security startups. The new companies can turn into really big companies who would be able to provide services even to the outside world.


Data encryption: Best way to secure data

Senior Solution Specialist
(India & SAARC), Gemalto

Senior Solution Specialist (India & SAARC), Gemalto

Innovative ICT solutions like cloud storage need to focus more on data security. We need to make sure that security should be data-centric. The privacy of the data can be secured using encryption technology. Anybody can do encryption by downloading solutions from free websites. But the most important part of the encryption is how one is managing the keys involved behind the encryption process. Once you make sure that you are encrypting the data and managing the keys, such that it is isolated from the data and nobody can access the keys, your data is secured.

In 2015 alone over one billion records were exposed. So we need to change the mindset and need to give prime importance to the security. Generally, we initiate a project and we don’t feel that security is required. We should go as we build our homes. We have door and we have lockers. So that is how the project should be. There should be security at the first place.


Technology has a role in religion, too

Chairman, Tirumala
Tirupati Devasthanam

Chairman, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam

It feels proud to know that the Andhra Pradesh Government has been spearheading the world of technology in India, which has become the pulse to deliver the services to citizens up to the last mile. As far as trouble-free darshan of Lord Venkateshwara in Tirumala to lakhs of devotees each day is concerned, it is being implemented and became possible only with the help of technology. Not just darshan, but also real-time update of accommodation, food, transportation and other requirement of lakhs of devotees who visit the holy town each day, has been made possible because of the technology itself. So, even the religious places are drawing heavily on the newer technologies.

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