Virender Jeet

Paper-based summative assessment is the standard approach adopted by educational bodies for assessing candidates. Every year millions of candidates appear for examinations organised by education boards and universities globally, creating a complex process of examination marking for providing time-bound results to candidates. The reliability of marking depends on the degree of consistency with which the examiners mark the answer scripts. In the current scenario, the number of students appearing for exams is increasing at a rapid rate, while the number of examiners remain limited. This leads to examiners being under pressure to mark more scripts in limited time which inadvertently translates into sub-standard examining of scripts. Quite naturally, this can be detrimental for candidates and their progress as well as impact reputations of educational/examination bodies.

In India too, this problem is commonplace especially due to a high population rate and a skewed up examiner to examined ratio. To counter this challenge, the Supreme Court of India has issued directives to disclose answer scripts under India’s Right to Information Act (RTI). Educational / examination institutions, to comply with this mandate and also to make the whole examination process more transparent, have begun providing candidates the facility of ‘Verification of Marks’.

Candidates can now get copies of their marked answer scripts for scrutiny on payment of a nominal fee. This facility, however, increases the work load for these institutions, burdening their already limited human and operational resources. Also, any error found by candidates during verification can lead to degrading of an institution’s image and dilute trust among various stakeholders. Institutions, therefore, need to adopt proactive methods to address such issues.

Newgen’s On-Screen Marking System is one such effective solution that can help educational / examination bodies by proactively identifying issues and discrepancies right at the very beginning. This helps them save a lot of resources and effort, along with building stakeholder’s trust in the system. By utilising process-based methodology, the solution transforms the way examination marking is done today. Built on a robust ECM and BPM platform, Newgen On- Screen Marking System promotes paperless and computer-based evaluation of summative examinations, thus helping streamline the entire process of examination marking through smart and operationally effective processes.

Mr Virender Jeet,
Senior VP – Technologies, Newgen Software

Newgen’s On-Screen Marking System improves the accuracy and efficiency of marking remarkably. In this electronic marking system, answer scripts are scanned and the images are uploaded on a server, which enables an examiner to evaluate the answer scripts on the computer with the help of rich and intuitive tools to assist in marking. It eradicates administrative errors like incorrect totaling, unchecked questions and incorrect awarding of marks. It increases the quality and consistency of entire examination process by making it more secure and transparent in a highly cost-effective manner.


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