ECM, BPM platforms play enablers for govt agencies

    Virender Jeet
    Mr Virender Jeet,
    Senior VP – Technologies, Newgen Software
    Virender Jeet
    Mr Virender Jeet,
    Senior VP – Technologies, Newgen Software

    The uptake of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) applications has gone up significantly in government agencies and departments. Government agencies across the globe are becoming highly focused towards driving efficient operations and engendering citizen centric processes and services. As a result, ECM and BPM applications have found growing acceptance in a sector where technology adoption is slow and requires a lot of evangelization. ECM and BPM platforms are now seen as critical enablers across government agencies, around the world.

    Emerging Trends – Deepening the Transformational Benefits
    ECM and BPM platforms have witnessed some groundbreaking innovations over the last five years. Some of these innovations are now maturing into features which will deliver astounding benefits to Government agencies. These capabilities and functionalities will enable Governments drive experiential services across different realms.

    Case Management – Case Management platforms leveraging a BPM framework will enable government agencies to break down silos for information and transactional activities. These applications empower an agency to orchestrate and align functions and resources as per individual cases. For example, in an approval process for issuance of driver licences, not each application may be submitted as per uniform guidelines. There might be scenarios where the approval process structure may need to be changed. Case Management applications enable the government departments to re-organise these structures in real-time, on a case-by-case basis.
    Case Management platforms will thereby engender agile and flexible government processes, empowering agencies to deliver smarter and better citizen centric services.

    Social ECM and BPM – Social Media platforms are setting new paradigms in the way citizens communicate and interact with their government. Accenture in its report on how social media will impact government agencies has introduced the concept of Digital Citizens; the new age citizens who will impact politics and daily governance by leveraging digital media especially with their presence on social media. From flash mobs to twitter town halls, citizens are utilising social media to redefine government operations and functions.
    With Digital Citizens being present all over Social Media, governments need to be there too. These platforms are a rich source of information to understand citizen sentiments and analyze trends. Social BPM and ECM allow government agencies to leverage the value in these conversations and flecks of information. Content shared over these platforms can be captured, sliced and diced to create insights and deliverables for better governance.

    Mobile BPM and ECM- The evolution of mobile technology has ensured that most ECM and BPM players have their offerings available over mobile devices. For governments, this is good news, as it makes adoption and use of these platforms easy. Furthermore, departments can create citizen facing interfaces of these applications over mobile devices to drive robust services. The dynamicity of mobile technology will ensure that government agencies will be able to introduce and deliver invigorating services. With growth and advancements, BPM and ECM providers will stretch their capabilities over mobile applications creating absolute ease for driving citizen centric services.

    Analytics – Government enterprises are often branded as slow and inefficient. The problem lies in the absence of tools which can provide valuable insights on problem areas and bottlenecks. With the advent and growth of Big Data and Content Analysis capabilities, ECM and BPM platforms are posed to eradicate these problem areas for government agencies.
    These applications will provide valuable insights into the health and performance of each transaction or process. They will also provide critical drilled down information on how enterprise level content is being utilized and what type of content is impacting the operations of the department.

    Cloud – Cloud computing has opened up avenues for enterprises to drastically bring down costs. With ECM and BPM solutions being available over Cloud as services, Government agencies can effectively downsize costs as they explore a ‘Pay as you Use model’.
    Each of these emerging and prevalent trends will create some extraordinary difference in the past, present, and future of Government services. It is critical that IT influencers in Government agencies keep an eager eye out for the transitions which develop in these disruptive innovations. Embracing these evolving trends will go a long way to define success in day to day operations.

    Newgen Digitally Transforming Government Services
    Newgen for over two decades has helped Government agencies and departments across the globe to revamp and reinvigorate their citizen centric services. Newgen E-Gov Suite combines its robust ECM, BPM and Case Management platforms to create solution for public sector enterprises and government agencies. These accelerators coupled with Newgen Breakthru© Implementation methodology enables agencies to drive sharp, gratifying and healthy citizen centric services.

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    Author: – Mr Virender Jeet, Senior VP – Technologies, Newgen Software