Rajpurohit CardTec

Company name
Rajpurohit CardTec Pvt Ltd

Management team
Jagdish Rajpurohit, Sunil Chhichhia, K M Verma

Head office
Rajpurohit CardTec Pvt Ltd, CPE Plots, BSD Marg, Govandi, Mumbai-400088

Regional Offices
Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai

Contact Person for Clarification
Sunil Chhichhia, Chief Operating Officer, chhichhias@ rajpurohit.in, +91-22-67978300, +91-9820069253


Customer Support/help line number
+91-22-67978300, +91-9619480905

Company Profile

RCL is the country partner of Evolis (France) in India and offers a complete range of Plastic Card & Smart Card personalization solution . Having a market  share of 80% + in India & with a vast network sales & after sales service centers  across India RCL are the undisputed market leaders offering a world class  product backed by first class service and value for money to its customers. RCL  has been a actively involved in several e-Gov projects of India and has supplied  Card Printers and Materials for more than 250 million + cards over the years  with some projects still in the ongoing stage and the increasing in volume.

Products and Services

Tattoo2 / Pebble4 basic / Pebble4 Smart / Pebble4 Mag / Pebble4 Combo: Single side color printer having an option of Chip personalization (Contact and  Contactless), Magnetic Encoding or Plain cards at speeds of 150 – 1000 cards  per hour.

Dualys3 basic / Dualys3 Smart / Dualys3 Mag / Dualys3 Combo/  Securion: Double side color printer having an option of Chip personalization  (Contact and Contactless), Magnetic Encoding or plain PVC cards at speed of  125-350 cards per hour.

Securion: Double side color printer having an option  of Chip personalization (contact & contact less), Magnetic Encoding and  double side lamination on PVC cards / chip cards /mag cards at speed of  90-120 cards per hour in a single pass having facility of USB & Ethernet TCP-IP connection.

Achievements and USP

• India’s highest selling ID Card Printer.

• Over 1, 50,000 printers across 120 countries.

• Market leaders with cutting edge technology & price benefits.

• 250 million+ cards personalized in various projects across India

• Vast network of sales & service offices present across India.

• An ISO 9001: 2008 compliant company with NSIC Crisil rating SE 2A.