Social Media Played a Big Role in Hazare

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The social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter were brimming with constant updates when India won the ICC World Cup on 2nd April 2011. And soon after all the sites were flooded with likes, communities, pages and status updates for a new cause- Anna Hazare’s fast.

Anna Hazare and his cause found the greatest support through the social sites. People couldn’t stop tweeting their support to Hazare, sharing videos, pledging to hold candle light vigils all in support for one man’s effort. The protest took a new, suave and tech-savvy face with social media coming in the picture. People from all age group people came forward to support Hazare and now are buzzing about their victory. With big names like Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal, Swami Agnivesh, Ramdev Baba, Shaban Azmi and many other celebrities and stars announcing their support to Hazare, the government had but no choice to listen to the citizens, for once.

Online revolution is the new buzz word all over the world with first Egypt getting freedom with twitter and facebook as its main strengths and now in India Anna Hazare getting all the support needed through social networking sites.

It’s needless to say that it’s a victory season all over the world with many revolutions culminating into successes. After the World Cup victory for India, Anna Hazare’s brave act has given all Indians to again unite and fight for something for themselves and by themselves.

Its history written when for the first time civil society will be a part of drafting a bill and presenting it in the Parliament, it’s a true sustenance of democracy in every sense of the word.

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