Manipal University Campus WLAN enabled

Manipal University Campus will use  WLAN Switch which will integrates Wi-Fi, Mesh Wireless, RFID and other RF technologies into one of India's largest Campus Wi-Fi Networks.

This campus-wide, high-speed wireless network will help Manipal University realize its vision of offering best-in-class educational facilities to students. This ubiquitous high-speed network will create an all-wireless education campus for nearly 14,000 users. It will enable them to access the Internet and a range of online services, anytime anywhere in the 100 buildings and the entire 5 campus. Motorola is partnering with D-VoiS Broadband Private Limited, a leading player in India's campus wireless market, on this project. The network has been designed to provide high-speed Internet access, toll-quality voice and streaming video services to students and faculty while ensuring the highest level of security for its users. Students can access the network with ease, anywhere in the campus, login to internet and high bandwidth applications on the intranet.  The access device is not restricted only to the laptops; students can use even wi-fi enables mobile phones to access the internet, streaming videos etc., on the move. 

According to Balakrishna Rao, Head IT, Manipal Universal Learning Pvt Ltd, “Manipal University is recognized for imparting high-quality professional education and believes in providing world-class infrastructure and facilities to the students. We chose to partner with D-VoiS and Motorola to help us establish a state-of-art facility with ubiquitous indoor and outdoor connectivity for our students and faculty.”