Abu Dhabi completes e-Archiving of judicial data

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) announced the completion of a major portion of its ambitious project of electronic archiving of cases. It involves archiving of around 32,300,000 judicial documents pertaining to over 669,000 cases in Abu Dhabi, Western Region and Al Ain.

This movement is part of the department's effort to accelerate its momentum towards e-government systems that will bring benefits to employees, customers, lawyers, experts and other stakeholders. The archiving project at Abu Dhabi Judicial Department creates a robust and standardised system for archiving all the judicial documents electronically and ensures confidentiality and security. On an average, around 100,000 documents have been archived and the in-charge team manages to increase 150,000 per day. The IT department at the ADJD implemented the project in phases. In the first phase, the department will cover Abu Dhabi City and Western Region where all paper archives were migrated to electronic systems, involving First Instance, Appeals and Cassation Courts as well as prosecution cases. The work included scanning and categorization to ease up the retrieval process and display it to authorized users. The second phase covered Al Ain where all the cases were archived.