e-Payment for Power Consumers: BSEB

The Bihar State Electricity Board (BSEB) has plans to launch Any Time Payment (ATP) facility for its consumers very soon. The system will function like the ATM facility at banks.

The facility will be first installed in the capital city of Bihar – Patna.

Power consumers in Bihar will soon have the online facility to pay up their power bills without waiting for their turn to do the same while standing up in long queues for hours. Currently, the number of power consumers in Bihar is about five lakh.

The BSEB Chairman Swapan Mukherjee said, “The opening of such ATP centres will remove the huge rush from the BSEB counters and will provide relief to lakhs of consumers who normally have to wait in long queues to pay up their bills.”

The Chairman informed the online facility will enable consumers to pay their power bills from their own personal computers. The system would be made available within a fortnight said the Chairman.

The facility helps the consumers to attain information about their outstanding amount and their amount of payment they have made.

An official report says that the total number of power consumers in Bihar is 489,098. However, the inadequate staffing at the bill counters has often been causing a lot of difficulties to the consumers in making easy payments of their power dues. There are approximately 16,550 employees working with the BSEB.