China Mounts Cyber Attacks on Indian Sites

India is silently suffering from cyber warfare. China has mounted daily attacks on Indian computer networks both government and private. These attacks are not like hacking or phishing; they are more sophisticated and there is a complete method behind cyber war fare.

Cyber warfare is not routine activity, it is threat from China and it is more real than from other countries. Chinese are constantly scanning and mapping India's official networks. They have idea how to disable the networks or distract them during a conflict. Few months back, China has attacked on National Informatics Centre (NIC), which was aimed at the National Security Council, and on the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). They are using three main weapons in use against Indian networks; BOTS, key loggers and mapping of networks. According to government sources, Chinese hackers are acknowledged experts in setting up BOTS. A BOT is a parasite program embedded in a network, which hijacks the network and makes other computers act according to its wishes, which, in turn, are controlled by “external” forces. The controlled computers are known as zombies. According to official sources, there are close to 50,000 BOTS in India at present