Net(t)Work of Healthcare!

A secure, reliable and efficient IT network can be an important performance differentiator for any service provider… and in particular, for multi-location chain of facilities.

With increasingly faster adoption of electronic environment at all levels of business, the need for high-speed, high-volume, high-security networks for seamless exchange of voice, video, image and data are on a rise.

Although networking solutions are a plenty in the market, only few of them match up to the technological and functional capabilities as desired for healthcare institutions. In order to meet such requirements that are already being sought by most top-of-line healthcare companies of the country, Cisco Systems recently rolled out its ‘Medical Grade Network’ (MGN) solutions in India.

Already a success in most western markets, MGN promises to be the answer to networking woes of IT managers and business heads in the healthcare industry. Equipped with robust architecture, best- in-class technological standards, highest levels of security and a high throughput capacity, MGN can provide seamless business functionality within and across all players of the healthcare ecosystem… linking service providers to insurance companies, TPAs,  government agencies and patients… and in the process bringing efficiency, quality, convenience and cost saving. Know more about this in the cover story of this issue, by Michael Gill from Cisco Systems, Hong Kong.

Keeping with our endeavour to showcase best-in-class healthcare facilities from across the region and bring valuable thoughts from champions of the global healthcare industry, it is our pleasure to present in this issue, a coverage of Bumrungrad International, Bangkok, following a tete-a-tete with the CEO Mack Banner …get them under the sections ‘Power Hospital’ and ‘In Conversation’.

Medical technology is doing wonders for the world… improving each passing day and bringing new possibilities to life. A breakthrough innovation of GE Healthcare is soon going to make traditional X-rays ‘a-thing-of-the-past’. The latest launch of their ‘Tejas XR 6000’ is all set to make digital X-ray systems affordable like never before ! …delivering high quality digital X-ray images for physicians at a fraction of the cost of existing systems. Catch up with this revolutionary product under ‘Technology Trends’.

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