IT superpower India not a hot spot for Wi-Fi

India is lacking behind in the index of the world Wi-Fi rankings. India has only 454 public Wi-Fi hotspots. While US leads the Wi-Fi hotspot index with 64,670 public hotspots followed by UK (30,613), Germany (21,236) and France (22,799) hotspots.

According to the survey conducted by JiWire, a public Wi-Fi registry firm, Delhi has only four Wi-Fi hotspots while other metropolises like New York and London have already become the Wi-Fi capitals with 3,483 and 3,195 public Wi-Fi spots, respectively. India's technology state Karnataka has about 300 public Wi-Fi hotspots compared to California with 10,700 Wi-Fi spots and Florida which has 4,098 hotspots. Mumbai has about 29 hotspots, mostly in coffee bars and luxury hotels and Hyderabad has nine of them. Other Asian cities have already taken a lead with Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo having 2,751, 2,500 and 2.370 Wi-Fi hotspots. Releasing the fact, the Delhi Government has finalised seven bidders to set up four Wi-Fi hotspots in the national capital. The Delhi Government is planning to extend Wi-Fi to most areas in Delhi before the Commonwealth Games 2010.