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Question on security and reliability of e-Voting machine

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A federal whistleblower lawsuit complains that e-Voting machine does not perform as promised and it has filed against the e-Voting industry.


The suit questions the reliability and security of e-Voting machines. But details about the suit are sketchy because of secrecy rules surrounding whistleblower litigation, according to Matt Schultz, an attorney at Levin, Papantonio Thomas Mitchell Echsner & Proctor PA, the Pensacola, Fla., law firm that is handling the case. The lawsuit was filed approximately four weeks ago. According to Schultz, insiders at one of the four major e-Voting vendors in the U.S. have testified to misrepresentations by the unnamed company about the accuracy, reliability and security of the direct recording electronic (DRE) devices. DRE usually signifies a touch-screen voting system. The lawsuit is not related to any particular election outcome.

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