ICT based Rural Knowledge Centres launched in Rajasthan

Rajasthan, India, launches a thousand of Rural Knowledge Centres (RKC), which would be managed entirely by women and women's groups. Rajasthan becomes the first state in the country to avail of the Central government loan for setting up Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based RKCs.


The Central government has loaned Rs 100 crore through NABARD under the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) scheme for setting up one thousand RKCs for the empowerment of the rural poor and vulnerable sections. The Chief Minister of Rajasthan made it clear in a meeting that the power of IT needs to be harnessed in every sector, including agriculture, panchayati raj, power, health and education. The objective is to encourage and support a number of initiatives that will synergise to make Rajasthan a leader in the knowledge revolution