KINTS Advanced IoT solutions are the future of smart and safe cities

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Solar Powered Wireless Surveillance Solutions have applications in mining, agroforestry, oil and gas, dams and reservoirs, borders and military, sporting events, stadiums among others. Kints is the market leaders in solar powered wireless surveillance technology. In association with Comexys, KINTS brings in the most valuable and new age products bases on IoT technology to create safer and smarter cities.

KINTS is a part of Bangalore-based KS group, a fast-growing organization operating in Power, Infrastructure, Mining, and IT. Advanced IoT platforms such as smart streetlighting and smart light poles help reduce crime rates. Integrated hardware and software platforms can manage IoT devices and sensors such as parking meters and traffic lights.

SilverSpark, our IoT management software, provides 3D site mapping and real-time 3D simulations and control of IoT devices.

SilverEye, an integrated smart lightpole equipped with IP, FHD, PTZ CCTV cameras and a Wi-Fi chip for connectivity and wireless surveillance, has full HD video, analytics, recording, and can be used for traffic and parking management.

Othello is a new safety system that can detect gunfire and identify shooters and potential threats in real time. The system is equipped with IP HD cameras with a range of 180‎‏°‏‎.

Raphael is a smart SOS system with VoIP technology and IP HD cameras. Command centres get real-time feeds of SOS regions and flashing beacons help emergency services navigate.

Whistle LED is a wireless, customizable, smart highway streetlight alert ‎system that can be used to indicate emergencies, accidents ahead, detours in advance. It can be controlled ‎by the command centre or wirelessly, by ‎emergency vehicles.

ParkSens is a IoT-powered smart parking sensor system powered by 3 sensors. ParkSens works with the Whistle LED system to indicate available/occupied/ disabled parking spaces.

In-Pole-EVC is the future of modern street lighting. The smart pole is an innovative, all-in-one streetlight that incorporates a charger for electric vehicles, video surveillance camera, Wi-Fi, parking payment solution and intelligent LED street lighting. When all of these elements are combined, they create the world’s smartest, most convenient and modern street lighting solution – a perfect solution for cramped and environmentally friendly city centres. The In-Pole-EVC is available as both a complete streetlight and as a separate installable extension for existing streetlights.

AirSens is an air-quality sensor system that enables real-time reading and alerts of parameters from variety of sensors such as noise, CO2, CO, tVOC, humidity, and other particles.

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