Governance on Cloud 9 :: October 2015

Looking up to the Cloud
Cover Story
Governance on Cloud 9
India Warms up for Cloud Revolution
Cloud Computing
National Cloud: Core of Digital India
Cloud to Shower eServices
Guarding Cloud against Mala Fide Intent
National Judicial Cloud Need of the Hour
Cloud Tech to Redefine Citizen Service Delivery
Financial Services at Farmers’ Doorsteps
Cloud Optimisation to Boost Citizen Services
Public Sector
Going Strength to Strength
In Forefront of Urbanisation
Digital Governance
AP Shows the Way in eGovernance
Green Energy
IREDA: Energising the Energy Sector
Smart Cities to Soar on Aviation
Re-energising Indian Power Scenario
Labour Management
Labour Reforms Edge Out Unrest


Port Sector
CVOs: The Eyes and Ears of PSUs
Smart Policing
Common Man Turns ‘Citizen Cop’ in Chhattisgarh
Reinventing PSUs
Partnering in Progress (Contribution of PSUs for Pushing Economic Growth: Challenges and Opportunities)
Safeguarding PSUs (Importance of Vigilance & Security)
Technology Driving PSUs – The Way Forward
PSUs for Partnering Growth