Hole in the Sky :: March 2015


Tryst with Cyber Security

Special Interview

Devoted to the Cause OF Tribal Emancipation

‘DeitY’ Showers IT Blessings on People

Hacking the Hackers Smarter Tech Can Nail Cyber Crimes

Plugging the cyber chinks

Intelligent Technology Guarding Borders

Purging the Nation of Drug Menace

IT Happens in Goa

Telangana Takes the IT Challenge


MP Moves Along the ‘Digital India’ Path

Decoding the Story Data Jungles Hide

ICT for Minimising Disaster Impact

Taking ‘Make in India’ Campaign Forward

Internet of Things to Push Security Services

Park Your Data in Digital STOREHOUSE

NIIT Eyes Share in NeGP 2.0 Pie

Compatible IT Solutions YOU CAN AFFORD

Effective Solutions at Cost-Effective Prices

Cover Story

Hole in the Sky

Event Report

In the land of Unlimited Potential