e-Aadhaar to be used as proof

Now, e-Aadhaar or electronic-Aadhaar will be considered an official valid document for opening a bank account, rules RBI.

How to use e-Aadhaar at banks

An e-Aadhaar is an electronically generated document that contains an image of your Aadhaar card and a letter from the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). The letter issued by UIDAI, which gives your details such as name, address and Aadhaar number, will now be accepted as a valid identity proof when you go to open a bank account. The central bank has also told banks that if the address provided by the customer is the same as that on the Aadhaar letter, it can be accepted as a proof of both identity and address. Let’s say you only know your Aadhaar number or have a soft copy of e-Aadhaar with you when you go to a bank branch to open an account. The bank will be responsible for printing your e-Aadhaar letter directly from the UIDAI portal, or adopt the e-KYC (electronic-know-your-customer) procedure or confirm identity and address of the resident through simple authentication service of UIDAI. This is now possible as RBI said in the same circular that it has decided to accept e-KYC service as a valid process for KYC verification. Axis Bank Ltd is the only bank that have already started using e-KYC. It is an authentication process provided by UIDAI. With an Aadhaar number and biometric authentication, you can open a bank account without carrying any photocopies of other identification documents with you. All you need is your Aadhaar number and fingerprints. Remember that physical Aadhaar card containing details of name, address and Aadhaar number received through post will continue to be accepted as a valid document.

How to download e-Aadhaar

You will first have to visit the UIDAI website (https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in ). You can either use your enrollment number or your Aadhaar number to get your e-Aadhaar. Besides the number, you will have to key in your full name and the pin code. If you only have your enrollment number, you will also have to put the date and time of issue and your mobile number to get a one-time password. However, if you have the Aadhaar number, the system will automatically pick your mobile number and send you a one-time password. Once you enter this password, you can download the e-aadhaar document, which will be in PDF format. Use your postal code to open the file.

If you have your Aadhaar number, but have not registered your mobile number, then you have to use your enrollment number which is available on your Aadhaar card or your receipt.