TRAI Issues New Regulations for Mobile Number Portability

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued the Telecommunications Mobile Number Portability (Fifth Amendment) Regulations, 2013.

After implementation of Mobile Number Portability, the Authority had received complaints from the subscribers of corporate mobile numbers that their porting requests have been rejected by the donor operators under the category “Contractual Obligation” for want of permission/authorization from the company’s corporate for porting such numbers.

TRAI placed draft Telecommunications Mobile Number Portability (Fifth Amendment) Regulations 2013 on its website for consultation of the stakeholders. Based on the stakeholder’s comments and TRAI’s own analysis,

The new regulations directs that up to 50 corporate mobile numbers of a service provider can be ported to another service provider through letter of authorisation from the authorised signatory of the corporate mobile numbers, in a single porting request

Considering the activities involved and number of mobiles to be processed in single porting request, 48 hrs have been allowed for forwarding the porting request by the Recipient Operator, for corporate mobile numbers whereas 24hrs remain unaltered for individual porting requests.