ICT to promote eco-friendly tools in agriculture

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Farm Radio International has found that radio station call centres can increase adoption rate by up to 14 %. Also a pilot study on the impact of low-cost video found agricultural practices ten times more cost effective in India.  The Grameen Foundation found a significant and positive impact in the use of organic manure within communities in Uganda.

It is estimated that agricultural production will need to increase by about 70% by 2050 to keep pace with global population growth. In many Asian and sub-Saharan African countries which are agriculture oriented witnessed reduction in the productivity of major food crops due to climate change.

ICT technological tools like mobiles, video and radio play a very important role in agricultural technologies. Affordable technologies can reduce greenhouse gases and increase productivity in agriculture. Various research agencies have recommended constituting a mechanism which can share locally relevant information on improved techniques. It may also facilitate a faster transition to environmentally friendlier forms of agriculture in the places that need them most.

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