The Emerging IT Security Scenario : February 2012


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Cover Story
The Emerging IT Security Scenario: An Overview
In an age of rapid technological change, low costs and unprecedented collaboration also present complex security challenges to infrasturcture, information and  applications

Dr Gulshan Rai
Talks to Dr Rajeshree Dutta Kumar and Anand Agarwal

M N Vidyashankar
in a talk with Anand Agarwal and Puneet Kathait

Sajeeb Ahmed Wazed (Joy)
ICT in Bangladesh, discussed with Dr Ravi Gupta and Dr Rajeshree Dutta Kumar

Dr Mukesh Aghi
Talks business with Dr Ravi Gupta

Arvind Thakur
Discusses e-Governance with Dr Ravi Gupta

Michael Sentonas

Talks about security issues with eGov

Biometric Systems & Security
The Promise of Biometrics
Empowerment, safety and Security Through Biometric Technologies

Inclusive Growth through Mobiles – I
Mobiles present a great opportunity for sustainable development

Making Geospatial Smarter for India
Discussing GIS applications with a peek into the future

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