Business software Alliance

Company name
Business Software Alliance (BSA)

Management Team

Lizum Mishra, Gouri Thounaojam, Vinish Mehra, Swapna Nair

Head office

Washington DC, USA

Major Regional Offices


Contact person for Clarification

Gouri Thounaojam, Manager – Programs, BSA India,, Phone – +91-11-42235020 / 42235016


Company Profile

The Business Software Alliance is a non-profit organization promoting a safe and legal digital world. BSA educates consumers on software management and  copyright protection, cyber security, trade, e-commerce and other Internet– related issues.

Founded in 1988 and has its presence in 80 countries to expand  software markets and create conditions for innovation and growth.  Governments and industry partners look to BSA for thoughtful approaches to  key policy and legal issues, recognizing that software plays a critical role in  driving economic and social progress in all nations. BSA’s member companies  invest billions of dollars a year in local economies, good jobs, and  next-generation solutions that will help people around the world be more  productive, connected, and secure.

In India BSA works very closely with  national & state governments, industry bodies, etc. to  romote policies and  practices that foster technology innovation, IT investment and confidence in computer infrastructures and networks.

Products and services

Policy advisors  on legal software consumption, IT governance and data security. Capacity  building programs and training on ISO Standard – Software Asset Management  or SAM

Target Verticals

• Small and Medium Enterprises

State & Central  Government

• Public Sector Undertakings

Achievements and USP

Leadership in Software Asset Management Programs for Small and Medium Enterprises in association with State Government of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh