Most Enterprises Use Internet

A recent survey has shown that 97% of enterprises made regular use of computer systems while 95% also benefited from internet connectivity in 2011 resulting in a 1% increase since 2010.During the first quarter of 2011, the National Statistics Office said that the majority of enterprises or 97% which amounts to 1,132, which employ a minimum of 10 employees, made use of computers.

The figure increased by 1% point when compared with 2010.

Regular computer use was registered by all enterprises within the transport and storage, information, communication and professional, scientific and technical activities.

It was estimated that 95% of participant enterprises also had access to the internet which meant a 1% point increase over the corresponding period in 2010.

Increased internet usage was registered in all economic sectors although minor drops were recorded in manufacturing and in administrative and support services activities.

During 2011, the majority of enterprises made use of broadband internet with DSL recorded as the most popular type of connection. The number of mobile internet connections increased, while dial-up connectivity continued to decline with less than 1% of enterprises recording usage.

E-government services recorded substantial increase in popularity during 2011 with 95% of enterprises reporting that they used the facilities. A 12% increase was recorded when compared with 2010. The largest increase was registered by small enterprises employing between 10 to 49 persons.

A 7% increase was recorded between 2010 and 2011 of enterprises making use of a website or homepage resulting in a total of 77% of enterprises which made use of such services. Large enterprises employing at least 250 employees were amongst those most likely to have a website or homepage.

The percentage of enterprises conducting both sales and purchases using e-commerce also increased during the period the first quarter of 2011. Results showed that 20%of enterprises carried out sales using e-commerce, increasing to 53% in accommodation and food services activities. On the other hand, purchases through the use of e-commerce