SMS Alert Service Launched by Ranchi Municipal Corp

The Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) has started sending SMS alerts to applicants who have applied for various utility services giving them the status of their applications.

The facility will benefit those who have applied for birth and death certificates, water connection, holding tax, water tax and clearance of housing maps and other documents from the RMC.

For sending the SMS, one employee has been assigned in every department who checks the status of application and sends the message every evening to the applicants on his or her mobile phone number furnished on the application form.

The service is giving relief to the applicants who have to run every day to check the status of their applications being processed at different departments of the civic body.

“There were complaints from several people about running to different departments to check the status but now they are being alerted as and when their applications has been processed like the birth or the death certificate is ready or not,” RMC Chief Executive Officer Vinay Choubey said.