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Strategic, BroadVision e-business platform helps government agencies across Asia, North and South America and Europe become more agile; gives Indian railway passengers “best in world” experience.

Digital government offers the prospect of public services that are easy?to?use; accessible, cost effective; available around?the?clock; unified across agencies; and consistent in appearance and functionality. In addition to government?to?citizen interactions, the Internet offers new possibilities for government?to?government (G2G); government?to?employee (G2E); and government to business (G2B) connections. G2G requires applications that share data across agencies as the foundation for knowledge management, content management, workflow management, and inter institutional collaboration. G2E requires intranet, project management and easy publishing, while G2B requires e procurement, MRO goods, contracting, e auctioning, etendering, eprocurement, and extranets.


The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) is a public sector company, set up and fully owned by the Ministry of Railways. IRCTC quickly recognized the Internet’s potential to improve its existing operations and, in parallel, look at new horizons of revenues. IRCTC is changing with the times and has done the right thing by adopting the right kind of technology that provides IRCTC with multiple solutions on a single platform. As the IRCTC site ( has grown to meet business demands, the BroadVision ® agile business suite scaled to meet IRCTC’s growing traffi c from 1 Lakh transactions in one   month to over 1.75 Lakh transactions per day! BroadVision’s highly scalable and robust solution helped IRCTC to record a peak booking of more than 15,000 tickets in an hour – an average of 4 tickets per second! IRCTC leveraged BroadVision’s capabilities to the fullest extent and added other tourism and reservation touch points services to enable its customers to plan trips and purchase the tickets online – creating great customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Solution: Agile platform grows with customer needs, scales to immediate growth and   helps bring Indian consumers to forefront IRCTC’s BroadVision powered Portal™ solution integrates a simple to use ecommerce customer interface with an existing passenger reservation system and payment gateway to enable customer self service and increased convenience for Indian Railways’ passengers seeking to plan trips and book and receive tickets. From “queues to clicks”, it has been a highly interesting and groundbreaking journey not only by its revenue success, but also for having a signifi cant impact on increasing the Internet adaptation rate in India.


  • Entire project completed within six months – including integration with legacy systems.
  • One of Asia Pacifi c’s largest ecommerce solutions.
  • Covers 200+ cities/towns.
  • Moved from a single service offering company to a full service tourism portal.
  • Over 25 payment integrations including Credit, Debit and Cash Cards.


The Internet ticketing system has been awarded numerous “Firsts” in the Indian e Commerce  space. The solution received the Gold Award for “Outstanding Performance in Citizen Centric  Service Delivery” for National Awards for eGovernance at the 11th National Conference on eGovernance.


BroadVision’s solutions have supported local and federal government agencies globally for  intranet/extranets; content management; logistics; eprocurement; information distribution  and permit processing from the resident to the government agency.

“We will scale to meet IRCTC’s increased load needs. At the same time we are   committed to helping IRCTC to enhance customer satisfaction; increase self-service  by automation; and increase access options. We are elated with  IRCTC’s  accomplishments and to be a part of their success.”
Subir Agrawal, Director, Business Consulting, Asia-Pacifi c, BroadVision


GSA Advantage (www.GSAAdvantage. gov) operated by the U.S. General Services. Administration’s Federal Supply Service, is the largest federal government, Internet based, eprocurement site. The GSA Advantage ecommerce market allows government agencies such  as the Department of Transportation, the Navy, and the Veterans Administration to order  products and services from a database that contains over fi ve million products and services  that fulfi ll 11,000 Federal Supply Service and Department of Veterans Affairs schedule  contracts. Before launched, government employees seeking to complete  procurement had to review paper catalogs from vendors, call vendors, and wait several days  to complete the contact process and receive telephone or paper quotations.

Additionally, procurement research was only a limited number of vendor catalogs. Once  deployed, enabled the government to scale quickly and increased the  personalization capabilities. GSAAdvantage. gov also gave the government a more fl exible  and easy toupdate system to handle changes in laws and procurement regulations. Today,  GSA Advantage has more than 275,000 registered customers and is used by federal civilian  and military personnel located throughout the world who conduct more than 100,000  searches for products and services each business day. The site’s volume of transactions has  grown at a triple digit rate for years, and more than 400 new federal customers register  every day. More capabilities include product and service categorisation, virtual stores for  customised agency access, single login with other major federal portals, and XML capabilities for vendors.

A major initiative was to deploy GSA punch out/punch in capability to enable agencies to  access from their eprocurement systems and seamlessly integrate their  back end fi nancial systems to automate reconciliation.

We’ve established that BroadVision’s solutions are globally proven and  costeffective. Our localisation forays with Indian Government agencies and PSU’s  have been nothing short of spectacular. We are eager to participate in the next  wave of Web 2.0 e-Government initiatives.”
Biplove Belwal, Regional Director, Asia Pacifi c, BroadVision


Driving innovation since 1993, BroadVision is a global provider of strategic ebusiness solutions. Our modular applications and agile toolsets built on a robust framework for  personalisation and self service, power mission critical web initiatives that deliver unparalleled value to diverse customers worldwide. Hundreds of organisations, serving over  50 million registered users — including, Baker Hughes, Canon, EFG Bank, Epson  America, Hilti, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, Oreck Corporation,  PETCO, Sony, Verifone, and U.S. Air Force — rely on BroadVision as their ebusiness solution of choice. Additional BroadVision customers in India include CBay, CRIS, Godrej, HCL, Honeywell, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Malayala Manorama, Standard Chartered Bank, Tractor  and Farm Equipments and Thomas Cook (India). BroadVision in India is largely known for  creating the largest ecommerce portal of India,


These are just some of the many examples how BroadVision’s agile technology is helping local  and national governments work smarter. If you would like more detail how Broadvision’s technology empowers state and provincial governments to deliver better, more effi cient services within their agencies and to their constituents, visit mktg/egov or call +91 80 324 77357.

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