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India is considered a country of graveyard of pilot projects in e-Governance. But there are some projects which have scaled up from pilot stage to a level where they have been able to impact the citizen in a big way. Here, we present five such projects which have made a big difference!

Government of Kerala rolled pilot of ‘Akshaya’ project in Mallapuram district on November 18, 2002. Under this public private partnership (PPP) project, ICT kisoks have been opened across the state, run by local entrepreneurs in their community with the primary goal of making a person from each family computer literate. It also provides a G2C interface and offers several online services to the public. Akshaya has 3000 centres popularly known as e-Kendras covering whole of the state. Collection of utility bills and taxes done through FRIENDS centre is integrated with Akshaya e-kendras thereby minimising transaction cost and time of the citizens.

Akshaya has 3000 centers popular as e-Kendras covering whole of the state

This project in Karnataka has facilitated the computerisation of land records which are provided to the farmers from government run kiosks. Earlier the farmers had to deal with corrupt village accountants who were inaccessible and demanded speed money of thousands of rupees. But now with this project the malpractice has come to an end. Started in 2000, Bhoomi has 177 project locations covering farmers from 27000 villages. With computerisation of 20 million land records, it caters to almost 7 million farmers directly and 35 million beneficiaries as a whole. While implementing the project, 10000 officials underwent training on data preparedness and validation process.

With computerisation of 20 million land records, it caters to almost 7 Million farmers directly and 35 million beneficiaries as a whole

In December 1999, a pilot of eSeva was launched in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Subsequently, the state extended it to the twin cities (Hyderabad and Secunderabad) and Ranga Reddy district. Currently there are 46 eSeva centres operational in three districts of the state, offering a one stop shop solution  for over 66 G2C and B2C services. This project is now being expanded  to the sub-urban and rural areas of Andhra Pradesh. Several other states like Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, etc., have tried to replicate this project with varying levels of success.

All service counters are facilitated with electronic queuing system

Facilitating RTI through phone  and operational since January 29, 2007, Jaankari is a call centre service in Bihar in which RTI applicant just has to make a phone call  from anywhere in the state and rest is taken care of by the call centre. The RTI fee is deducted from the phone call charges; the application is generated and sent  to the relevant Public Information Officers (PIOs) and a copy to the applicant. The entire process roughly takes five minutes. As an impact of this service, public authorities are now much sensitised and responsive to RTI applicants. Currently, the facilitation centre is equipped with at least 30 set of computers and operators, necessary software for application, telecom interface and voice recording systems.

The facilitation center is equipped with 30 set of computers and operators

PDS Online
For 37 lakh poor families in Chattisgarh, which constitute almost 70 per cent of the state population, PDS Online has brought transparency and change in the allotment of food grain quantities to Fair Price Shops (FPS) and their timely and genuine distribution. Earlier, the district food controllers alloted the food grains manually, and hence there were possibilities of getting higher allotment to any particular  shop which could be later sold by the FPS owner. With the implementation of PDS Online, and the digitisation of records of 37 lakh beneficiaries, the amount to be alloted to 10427 FPS can be easily calculated.

PDS Online has brought transparency and change in the allotment of food grain quantities to Fair Price Shops authority

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