‘Go green’: New IT Mantra

On the occasion of the Earth Day that was served April 22, 2009 most of IT companies pledge to conserve the environment's resources and save energy costs in the bargain. According to the study conducted by IDC in the Asia-Pacific region, 18 percent of the organisation consider the greenness of the IT suppliers before making a selection, and another 30 per cent are expected to do so in the near future.

Maharashtra-based Chitale Diary, for instance, consolidated its IT environment into three physical servers (from 10) in one data centre. These servers host 20 virtual servers running multiple applications and operating systems. With a virtualised environment, the firm reduced hardware acquisition costs by 50 per cent, server deployment time came down from three weeks to a few hours. And it brought in 50 per cent reduction in power, cooling, and real estate. IBM has committed over $1 billion to the Big Green Innovation initiative launched in 2007. The project focuses on intelligent energy (smart grids and alternative energy), carbon management, water management, and computational modelling. Intel, on its part, integrated 'Design for Environment' principles into its production.

The Climate Savers Computing Initiative (CSCI), co-founded by Intel and being led in India by Nasscom, CII, TERI and WWF works globally with manufacturers and consumers to increase the energy efficiency of personal computers (PCs) and servers by 50 per cent with the help of power-management tools. Cisco has also launched Energy Wise, a technology that makes it possible for businesses to reduce carbon emissions, by managing energy consumption of devices on the network when they are not in use. While Wipro has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with WWF to collaborate in several areas of sustainability like the application of IT solutions to ecological sustainability. IT companies are aiming to reduce CO2 emission by 54 million tonnes a year and cut energy costs by $5.5 billion by 2010.