China Govt.’s Feedback Channels Ineffective

Despite government efforts in recent years, people of China seem dissatisfied with available channels of public feedback. According to a weeklong survey conducted by the People's Daily website, nearly 70 percent of 7,111 online users who polled said that they had no idea of such channels for public opinion, while 96.8 percent of respondents said these available channels were ineffective. The survey concludes that the current channels for public opinion are flawed and huge efforts to build e-government have failed to serve the public effectively.

The results of the survey also showed that lack of response from government departments and the passing of responsibility to other parties, as major problems in collecting public opinion. Only 3.2 per cent of those polled said they received timely response on their feedback and felt happy about the channels for public opinion. The rest of those polled have had disappointing experiences – 6.5 percent said the response from government was 'too slow', while more than half of respondents said it was 'very hard' to get through the hotlines and e-mails were usually ignored.