Projectors With BrilliantColor Technology

With the proliferation of digital photography, consumers are capturing thousands of memories in digital media.  Most of these memories remain in the PC, but consumers want to share them with their families on the big screen.  One of the challenges that consumers have is to precisely reproduce those captured moments on a large screen projector. Texas Instruments introduced BrilliantColor technology to provide DLP projector brands and end users with a broad set of tools to better represent those unforgettable moments.  In Q2 2008 80% of DLP projectors sold incorporated BrilliantColor technology.

The most important tools encompassed in the BrilliantColor technology suite are:

  • The use of multi-primary colors including yellow, cyan and magenta to expand the viewable color space
  • Lamp pulsing
  • Colour correction
  • Circuits and software algorithms ported from DLP Cinema applications

Multi-primary colour processing