Action Learning In Hard Spot Subjects

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Welcome to the world of education without boundaries. Now, you can study the course of your choice offered by premier institutions and experts across the world, anytime, anywhere.

Online education promises to deliver interactive, responsive, convenient, empowering, and outcome oriented learning without compromising with the wisdom of the traditional teaching-learning system. The overwhelming penetration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in human life, has made a revolutionary impact on the current educational systems. There is tremendous pressure and need for educational system, which is independent from time and place, and has a global acceptance. Online education is new but with unlimited potentials and possibilities. Traditionally, teachers have used an objectivist pedagogy in teaching and learning. Today, online education programmes and activities focus on learning, support competency-based and learning on-demand, outcome-oriented and student-centered activities, and embrace global education.

The new roles such as facilitator, coach, partner, and motivator do not undermine teachers’ responsibilities and authority in the educational programme, but these new roles provide new opportunities for teachers to help and to work collaboratively with students in order to accomplish the task of learning. On the other hand students have taken over the role of a researcher who investigates and find  information and knowledge from a variety of resources. This transformation will help teachers to focus more on the quality of materials and activities, and instructional goals of learners, teachers, and the institution. The new responsibilities will enable the student to be active and self-directed learner.

The History
During the early 1980’s, e-Training was just starting to become a potential creation. Companies and educational institutes were strictly hiring instructors to train their students. This was because computers were only beginning to grow, therefore making it difficult to come up with any other plan. As the computer industry started to expand, e-Training was becoming a reality.

The first type of online education was in the mid 1990’s. This was when the Internet was a great success, and multimedia was being taken to another level. As the 1990’s quickly ended, the millennium marked an entirely new period for technology. e-Learning was finally on the map as online education courses were now very popular at colleges and businesses. Online video access, and fast web site servers made it possible for online education to succeed. Today, online education has come a long way,  instructors are now being hired to teach online, which usually consists of being filmed for lesson videos.

Major Players
Education is second largest industry with an estimated transaction of USD 2.5 trillion annually at the international arena. The US is the biggest beneficiary as it earns about USD12 billion a year from education.

The significant trend that has catched up online education today is online tutoring

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