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mimio is an industry pioneer and a market leader in digitally enabling the interactive potential of any ordinary whiteboard. mimio headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, currently sells and distributes products in over 45 countries around the world.

mimio provides a perfect solution for presenting engaging interactive content by connecting directly to the PC/Mac. With mimio Interactive and a projector, mimio allows one to control the desktop applications and documents directly from the board. With mimio Capture, it enables one to digitally capture notes or drawings that can be saved, shared, and/or integrated into other materials. With mimio Interactive one can convert the existing whiteboard into a powerful interactive teaching tool, by controlling PowerPoint slides, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, annotating, mark-up, and edit slides or screens directly at the board, browsing educational websites on the Internet, and helping in navigate interactive instructional CDs.

Jaemes Shanley, Director of Sales & Marketing for Sanford Brands, mimio opens up more on mimio’s interactivity in education.

What is the product?

mimio Interactive transforms existing standard “dumb” whiteboards into full functioning interactive whiteboards that enable innovative interactive curriculum delivery and can stimulate new enthusiasm for learning in students. The system comprises a capture device that clips into easily attached and removed mounting brackets on the board. Once in place the device activates a projection surface area up to 2m x 2.4m for touch sensitive interaction with a mimio Mouse stylus pen, included with the system. The device interface to the computer is a 5m USB cable but the system can be easily and affordably upgraded to a wireless connection with 10m range. Mimio Interactive is sold as a complete system ready to go “out of the box”.

The versatility and affordability of mimio technology enables significantly more teachers to have that experience.

How does it work?

mimio technology uses high precision signal tracking technology to locate and track the stylus pen interaction on the board surface. Digital signal processing on the mimio capture device renders high resolution pen positioning at resolution greater than 4,800 lines on a 1.2m high board.

What else can the product do?

The mimio Interactive + Capture product configuration add to the rich features of mimio Interactive, the ability to “digitize” a whiteboard surface up to 1.2m x 2.4m so that ordinary dry erase marker notes and diagrams can be captured digitally on the computer (no projector required) and subsequently printed, emailed to student, posted to class web pages (with teacher annotated notes or assignments) or simply copied into other applications. The rich tools of the mimio Studio software included in all mimio systems supports handwriting recognition that converts handwritten notes to text or permits direct entry of text into any application from handwritten input.

Why this product; What are the differences between tools, a brief market analysis while comparing the product features and USP with the market competitors?

The salient user benefit of mimio Interactive and Ink Capture solutions compared to conventional Interactive or Digital/Copy board systems is the easy portability and dramatically lower cost.

The mimio technology is housed in the durable mimio Xi capture bar housing, not embedded in the board surface, thereby making it less susceptible to damage.

The compact product configuration and easy set up results in delivery and installation costs that are a small fraction of the cost to transport and install conventional board.

Teachers using mimio Interactive do not have to sacrifice their traditional whiteboard techniques and can still use their whiteboards for dry-erase note-taking.

What result or significant changes the product can bring in the gamut of e-Learning?

A multitude of studies of the impact of Interactive Whiteboards on student learning in the classroom have shown a repeated pattern of increased student engagement and interest in curriculum delivered interactively with a consequential positive impact on retention.  A typical response from a teacher who has used an interactive whiteboard to teach for any length of time is “I’d never again teach without one.” The versatility and affordability of mimio technology enables significantly more teachers to have that experience.

mimio in Distance Education

mimio goes the distance with ‘Glance’. Glance is a simple, quick desktop sharing tool for hosting live web demos, presentations and more. The user can connect instantly, right from the web site or customizable Glance web page. One can use nearly any PC, Mac or Linux computer, even from highly secure environments. Everything one sees, the distance learner also sees, in full 24-bit color.

Unlike most web conferencing services, where viewers on slow networks can fall many minutes behind, Glance automatically keeps everyone in sync. It continually enhances and improves the Glance service. The latest version is always available for free. Over 2600 companies worldwide depend on Glance today.

Glance is simple, and fast that avoids complicated, trouble-prone features in other web conferencing services. The distance learner connects instantly, sees live desktop screen inside a plain window as no menus, buttons or logos compete with the host’s message. No uploading of file is required as it presents anything, right from the host’s desktop. Glance includes the own web page and personal URL ( or, where users can join the session. One can have up to 100 distance learners at a time. And they all connect for free.

Presenting with Glance while talking to the user by phone also works. Many of the customers use Participants place standard long-distance calls. Toll-free numbers are also available. It again gives multi-monitor support, presents from the primary monitor, while working in private on secondary monitors.

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