Recognising the ICT content innovations

Recognising innovations involving Information Communication Technology (ICT) and its essential e-Content domain, and bringing them to the limelight is one minimal effort one could attempt towards the cause of e-Content enabled ICT for Development, all towards empowerment. And the Manthan Award is all about these, recognising some of the best practices in e-Content for Development in India. It all started in 2003 when the World Summit Award (WSA) was formed in Austria, under the framework of UN Sponsored World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).  WSA picked up ‘content and creativity’ as a major component for the entire concept of ‘Information Society’. At this juncture, Digital Empowerment Foundation and WSA decided to work jointly by launching a national chapter for India to select best eContents, under the guidelines of WSA.

The approach towards eLearning, eHealth, eGovernance, eLivelihood, eBusiness hinges on the effective strategies towards content creation and facilitation through appropriate technology tools and infrastructure. All ICT approaches will be futile without recognising the vitality of content and its importance.

The Manthan Award commitment whirls around meeting the creditable purposes horizontally and holistically inviting nominations across eGovernance, eLearning, eEducation, eBusiness, eCulture, eScience, eHealth, and eInclusion and livelihood and other critical segments including community broadcasting and mobile content for development. The platform has been widened and the 2007 edition had 15 categories for nomination and recognition. This year 27 states/ union territories participated, and 343 nominations were received. 39 winners were declared during 2007 edition of the Manthan Award event held on September 22nd evening in New Delhi. Preceded by two day long Conference on ‘eContent for Development and Sustainability’ (21-22 September) the eContent  exercise culminated in bringing together grassroots ICT and eContent innovators, patrons,  and partners on one single platform during felicitation ceremony.

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