Govt planning to introduce multi-use smart ID cards

The Government of India is working on proposal to use multi-application smart cards with unique IDs or citizens to better monitor 'aam aadmi' schemes and reduce the claims of multiple fraudulent.

The Indian Home Ministry is already coming up with a scheme for ID cards, which will meet with security concerns. The need for a multi-purpose national identity card has been felt for purposes as diverse as drawing benefits from government's flagship schemes like NREGA or getting ration from PDS shops. The main purpose to issue integrated smart cards is to provide a credible individual identification system to help in identifying targeted beneficiaries, ensure e-governance by improving the citizen-government interface and improving the security conditions. The government has suggested the introduction of Integrated Smart Card System (ISCS) for the major entitlement schemes. According to the proposal, ISCS will be based on the national level unique ID being launched by the Ministry of Home Affairs, using the unique ID as the identifier to avoid duplication of benefits and check corruption and fraud.