Bringing A Little Magic To The Classroom

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Thanks to a new, integrated digital system, teachers can bring their classes to life and deliver inspirational and engaging lessons that add to their pupil’s experience.

Interactive Learning

A new range of award-winning technologies to meet the needs of today’s classroom is now available from Promethean, the global leader and innovator in interactive learning. The user-friendly Activclassroom range enables teachers to prepare lessons in a digital format in order to capture student attention and accommodate different learning styles. But that’s not all – teachers can also create, customise and integrate text, images, quizzes, tests, web, video and audio content to enhance each lesson.

Developed for teachers by teachers, the lead product in the Activclassroom range is the Activboard+2 – the world’s most durable interactive whiteboard technology. An integrated system, Activboard+2 is quick and easy to install and comes complete with a battery-free, wireless Activpen; a 64″ or 78″ whiteboard with its own height-adjustable stand, and a super short-throw projector. It also includes companion software: Activprimary, for primary schools and early years, and Activstudio for secondary teaching – both of which are compatible with PCs and Macs.

Designed especially for 3 to 12 year old groups, the Activprimary software incorporates a brightly-coloured interface with large icons and resources to suit young learners’ needs and curricula. This highly functional software brings lessons to life with features such as giant snakes and ladders, rolling dice, and coins to aid mathematics teaching.

The Activstudio programme features hundreds of teacher-designed tools across a whole range of subjects from maths to music – including protractors, on-screen measuring tools, flipcharts, images and shapes.

And the Activclassroom doesn’t stop there. It is also possible to link the Activboard+2 whiteboard to personal hand-held Activote response units, which are ideal for monitoring pupil progress during lessons. This technology provides instant feedback and analysis; allowing teachers to make easy on-the-spot assessments. The colourful, wireless, egg-shaped devices encourage pupils to click or ‘vote’ their response to a teacher’s question, providing all kinds of information, from who is in the class to who understands what is being taught – all of which can be saved to a flipchart or spreadsheet for further analysis

Around the world with Promethean

Promethean is passionate about education and believes in building partnerships that enrich the learning environment. Its Activclassroom products are distributed through a global network of partners and now inspire 2.5 millions of learners in more than 70 countries across the world.

In Asia, the first school in Cambodia to install Interactive Whiteboards is using Activprimary to engage and motivate its pupils. iCAN International School is truly international with pupils from many countries in each class. They are using Activprimary to teach a UK-based curriculum to a multi-cultural cohort.

In Malaysia, Alice Smith School have recently installed 20 Activboards and have decided to use Activprimary from Reception to Year 5. Their journey has only just begun with help, training and support from Promethean’s local distributor and directly from the UK.

The Mexican Government has made an educational leap in learning for its country’s children with its aim to find a solution to enable every classroom of every school in Mexico to have access to the digital teaching and learning resources of Enciclomedia. In January 2004 Mexican education ministers began talks with Promethean to supply its hi-tech teaching systems to all the country’s primary schools.

Steve Brazier, Director of Education for Promethean, comments, ‘Promethean has worked with countries across the globe helping to improve the quality of education provided and we recognise Mexico as an area where we can make a significant difference.’

Teachers using Enciclomedia with the Activboards reported immediate benefits. Guadalupe Fri’as, a teacher at President John F. Kennedy School, Mexico, explains, ‘Daniel Kings Lora, a year six student, has never travelled to European cities yet he already knows each corner of the Roman Coliseum, the Museum of the Louvre in Paris and has taken a trip down the Nile to see the pyramids. In only five months, Daniel has been able to ‘virtually’ visit these places and learn historical events relating to those sites and listen to pieces of music peculiar to those times and places.

Promethean is committed to creating classroom technologies that empower teachers by allowing them to engage, educate, assess and motivate learners; and offers a comprehensive support and professional development service to enable optimum usage and return on investment. The recently launched Promethean Planet website ( is a free online community where teachers from all over the world come together to connect, share ideas and download useful teaching resources.

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