Roshan launches Afghanistan’s first telemedicine project

The Afghan mobile network operator, Roshan has teamed with Cisco, Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH), French Medical Institute for Children (FMIC) to expand Healthcare Access by linking Afghan hospitals to International Medical Institutions.

The company has launched a pioneering telemedicine solution in Afghanistan to expand healthcare access and delivery across the country. The company will wireless video consultation and digital image transfer along with broadband services. The telemedicine project will provide with real-time access to specialist diagnosis, treatment and training expertise from abroad to Afghanistan hospitals. The first phase of the project has already implemented by linking FMIC in Kabul, Afghanistan to AKUH in Karachi, Pakistan and enables to access a broad array of radiology expertise provided by AKUH. In next phase, the project will link major Afghan regional hospitals to the FMIC. Telemedicine involves the use of broadband technology that provides real-time high speed access for the transfer of medical imaging, video, data and voice.