China’s SMB invests US$9.5 billion on wireless

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in China and India will invest approximately US$9.5 billion to set up their wireless infrastructure in 2007, which is almost 17 percent higher than last year.

China’s SMB is investing around US$7.2 billion in various wireless components including hardware equipment, applications and services running on portable computers, PDAs, handheld devices and cell phones. China has 79 percent market of PC-owning medium business. According to New York based research company, AMI-Partners, 10 percent India’s medium-sized businesses exhibit low mobile workforce penetration, while 71 percent of Indian midsize businesses that own PCs have mobile employees. China-based midsize businesses are expanding their ownership of notebook PCs. About 20 percent of China-based PC-owning small-sized businesses and 12 percent of India-based PC-owning small-sized businesses, indicated plans to buy notebook PCs this year. Additionally, SMBs in China and India will spend up to US$4.9 billion on wireless phone equipment and cell phone service this year.