In response to the perceived threat being posed to privacy by radio tags that emerged in EU study of technology, the commissioner Viviane Reding assured citizens that radio tags would not lead to any large-scale surveillance.

These RFID (radio frequency ID) tags are increasingly used by businesses to monitor goods as they move along supply chains. The cross section of the population are willing to be convinced that RFID can bring benefits but they want to be reassured that it will not compromise their privacy. The Information Society Commissioner, Ms Reding expressed her concern at a conference called to mark the end of a six-month EU consultation exercise, in which it sought opinions about the growing use of radio-frequency ID (RFID) tags. She said, she was ready to draft new laws on use of  the radio frequency tags and how effectively they can be used for information frequency. The EU would announce the final conclusions from the consultation process by the end of year 2006 and if needed  new laws  would be drafted in 2007.


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