Elets National Energy Summit

Clean energy sources are being considered as quintessential in pursuit of sustainable development. These sustainable energy sources, such as solar, wind, and compressed biogas (CBG), to name a few, are not only cost-effective but also do not leave a negative impact on the environment. Sustainable energy encompasses energy sources that are inexhaustible and capable of enduring indefinitely. These sources do not require renewal or replenishment; they fulfil our energy requirements without the concern of depletion or exhaustion. This is why sustainable energy serves as the solution to our energy needs.

The sixth edition of the Elets National Energy Summit returns on February 29th in Chandigarh, honouring companies dedicated to shaping a more sustainable energy future. This summit acknowledge and applaud the accomplishments of organisations committed to cleaner and greener energy practices. As we highlight the visionaries and trailblazers in the energy industry, we invite governments and enterprises to join us, showcase their innovative solutions, and propel the nation’s energy sector towards progress.

Intending to transform India’s shift to clean energy, this summit serves as a crucial assembly, uniting critical figures from the energy industry to deliberate tactics and propel Haryana’s sustainable energy initiatives within the larger national framework.

We are thrilled to host this program under the guidance of Mr A.K. Singh, Additional Chief Secretary of the Energy Department, alongside Mr S. Narayanan, Director General of the New and Renewable Energy Department, HAREDA, and other distinguished speakers. They will impart their insightful perspectives on various topics, such as the significance of clean energy sources, upcoming opportunities & challenges, technological advancements, and infrastructure development. These discussions will aid in shaping a future roadmap for sustainable energy development.


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