Be Responsible for Beneficial and Inclusive Growth, Sustainability and Harmony: Amala Akkineni

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Innovation is about making the best of what you have available to you and not waiting to do or creating things when the time or funds are right. In my experience, there is no right time, only right attitude, says Amala Akkineni, Founder, Blue Cross Hyderabad, actor and Director, Annapurna International School of Film and Media in an exclusive interview with Sudheer Goutham of Elets News Network (ENN). She also talks about how she has integrated sustainable solutions in her lifestyle and how everyone can implement it with innovation.

How do you see the need or role of clean and green energy in the present environmental conditions in the country?

It is an honour to be a part of green energy even though it should have happened 10 years ago. Clean energy and sustainable lifestyles are keys to the future. I am glad the Government is promoting this.

Whether it is the power we use, the food and water we consume, the lifestyle we live and expect — conscious decisions need to be made every day, stepping out of our comfort zones and making sacrifices so that the environment for future generations of all species may sustain. When practiced with a sense of responsible citizenship, it becomes a duty and not a chore.

It is easy to ignore and continue our old ways. It is easy to channel it for more destruction in the name of development. We know that drought can cause deaths in a massive scale. We are seeing the depletion of resources around the world creating millions of refugees and millions dying from genocide and tyranny. Such behaviours do not qualify for citizenship in the new world. The future world will demand a much stronger and wiser race of humanity and clean energy is the first step.

How can we implement this in our daily lives?

Start by driving a hybrid car, construct a solar roof, conserve water and harvest it. Prevent waste in every way, choose organic and natural grown food, and use alternatives to plastic and polluting substances. Recycle – use less not more. Find contentment in being productive and supportive to all and don’t get lost in material things. There is so much more to our life on earth. The role of clean green energy that comes from the Sun and lives through each one of us is up to us. Let it be responsible for beneficial and inclusive growth, sustainability and harmony. The choice is yours. I have made mine.

Tell us how your organisations are implementing the idea of clean & green energy?

Whether it is Annapurna Studios, Blue Cross of Hyderabad or our residence, Nagarjuna and I have always committed to clean and green energy. We have solar roofs and we conserve and harvest rainwater.

What is the definition for the term ‘innovation’ according to you? How do you put it in practice in your day-to-day life and for your organisation?

Innovation is about making the best of what is available to you and not waiting to do or create things when the time or funds are right. In my experience there is no right time, only right attitude.

I was in a village recently where the Sarpanch took me to see the local school. As I approached the school I was shocked to find the sewage clogged in the drains, filled with garbage. I asked him why the drains were so filthy and he said “No Budget” had been allocated. I could see the man had no sense of innovation, no personal ownership of the task. So I stretched my hand out to the lady living next to the school to borrow a broom. I asked for a sack. Within two minutes I fished out the garbage from the drains and freed the flow of sewage, clearing the mess. It took all of two minutes. Then I visited the school and spoke about how money does not make things – it is the people and their thoughts that make the world. They promised to have a Swachh Bharat initiative and clean up the village.

Innovation is about being creative and enabling to get things done within ones means. Every human can do this and everyone who has can succeed.

How can we integrate sustainable lifestyle within our daily activities and spread the thought?

Let’s celebrate local heroes who make a difference in our communities. On social media, at functions, in our offices- the people who sacrifice their old ways and old customs and have the courage to do things differently for a sustainable future need to be honoured and celebrated. Those who take the survival of others as equally important include other species as well, in the deepest wisdom – they are real heroes!

In Portugal, green bikes are available for hire and special parking is provided for clean energy users in all public places, parks etc. It promotes exercise and green lifestyle. It would be a great initiative for our Government to promote and support.

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