Smart Security, Smarter Traffic System on Cards: Ashish Khare

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Ashish Khare Additional Superintendent of Police ASP Crime, Jabalpur

Ashish Khare, the present Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) – Crime, Jabalpur, is credited with curbing crime in the city with his leadership skills, with help of some really efficient teams constituted under him. Khare, who additionally holds the office of ASP – Traffic, feels a Smart City means less and regulated traffic, which should be part of the agenda for every Smart City plan. In an exclusive interview with Elets News Network (ENN), Khare emphasises on specific areas calling for attention to turn Jabalpur into a truly “Smart” city on the twin fronts of traffic and security. Excerpts:

What are the core issues of Jabalpur, according to you, that need to be handled to qualify for being termed a “Smart City”?

The problem of people must be resolved as the point of focus. For this, the presence of police needs to be increased for which the department has started making the necessary recruitment. Also, there should be less trac followed by the facilitation of appropriate parking slots.

A Smart City also requires a secure environment which should be kept in mind while executing this plan. Lastly, building of a smart city will also pave way for the industry to get a good platform and prosper accordingly.

How would you apply Intelligent Traffic Management System in the proposed Smart City of Jabalpur?

There will be more trac once Jabalpur becomes a Smart City but at the same time, people will get beneted after the roads are expanded. Also, a number of new flyovers may come up. The Municipal Corporation has already started its work to remove encroachment. Apart from that, it is hoped that the people will use more public transport, instead of their own vehicles. We will also try to make people aware of the benefits of using public transport leading to saving of time and making the overall system more efficient and effective.
Besides, there will be regulations of vehicular system on the road. One of the things that require attention is the fact that the city is not designed properly which will create inconvenience to the masses resulting in public outcry. There is also a need to divert the vehicular movement to some alternative routes so that there is no major concentration on any particular road without hampering the work in progress.

Smart Security, Smarter Traffic System on Cards: Ashish KhareIs there any security and surveillance plan ready for Jabalpur – the Smart City in the making?

For security and surveillance, there is a system in place. CCTV cameras have already been installed at major junctures of the city. With the unveiling of “Smart” Jabalpur, to be executed step-by-step, the whole city will be covered with such a system. A new control room is being constructed for monitoring the activities throughout the city as well. There is also a plan to install 125 new CCTV cameras across the squares/crossings of the Jabalpur, not only to control crime, but to regulate traffic and prevent violators of the traffic rules.

Depending on threat perception, installing a security tower will also considered. Public security may also enhanced with more police force in place . Right now, there are 40 vehicles under ‘Dial 100’ system which may be increased in the future.

Smart Security, Smarter Traffic System on Cards: Ashish KhareHow do you propose to implement the concepts of “Smart Policing” and “Smart Transport” to put an effective check on crime and traffic violations?

This can be done by increasing awareness about the present and the proposed security systems in Jabalpur.

As far as the traffic rules are concerned, the measures to prevent violation will be implemented suitably. This is not possible without active participation of the people, which can be achieved by instilling an enhanced sense of condence in the common man.

Components of creating Smart Cities: Importance of Waste Management, Sewage, Parking Space, Smart Metering, IT infrastructure & Security.
Dr Ashish, Superintendent of Police, Jabalpur

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