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Rajesh Maurya, Country Manager, India & SAARC, Fortinet

Fortinet has been a leading provider of security solutions, says Rajesh Maurya, Country Manager, India & SAARC, in an interaction with Elets News Network (ENN).

What all is Fortinet into and what are its offerings?

Fortinet offers customers a broad product line of complementary solutions that goes beyond traditional Network Security to address all of the security needs of the extended enterprise – whether network, branch, cloud, mobile, data centre or other complex environments. This end-to-end security solution offering includes scalable management, control and reporting, thus giving comprehensive visibility on the state of the network, regardless of its size or complexity.

Our solution offerings include –

  • Integrated Cyber Security Platform – Fortinet provides a consolidated network and security platform, FortiGate, which is complemented by a number of specialised appliances to provide comprehensive Advanced Threat Protection
  • Scalability & Performance – As bandwidth increases exponentially and traffic patterns trend towards cloud and mobile applications, Fortinet’s continued R&D investment addresses the constantly evolving security requirements of the Enterprise
  • Security & Visibility – With a focus on Prevention, Detection and Mitigation, Fortinet offers a range of technologies that have the ability to provide real time Network Traffic, Traffic Payload and End Point Behavior analysis for recognition of malware attempting to breach the network.

How these services help companies in terms of growth and better security?

FortiGuard Labs Cyber threat analysis and threat management and reporting has enabled security professionals to better understand and defend against cyber criminals, malware and advanced threats. Also, when coupled with vulnerability research, IT professionals are armed with critical information for preventing attacks that target susceptible systems and applications.

Responsible Disclosure

FortiGuard Labs’ responsible disclosure dictates that a discovered vulnerability be patched before public disclosure. Even without a working patch, a signature for the vulnerability can be generated to prevent intrusions. Once a signature is created, it is put through FortiGuard Labs’ zero-day signature process and assigned a generic name. The goal is to provide protection while disclosing as few details as possible.

Beyond Signatures

As malware numbers have increased exponentially in the recent years, network security vendors have had to find alternate methods for malware detection and mitigation. Fortinet, for example, incorporates more than 150 new security features.

FortiGuard Labs in a minute

In a typical minute, Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs will neutralise 15,000 malware programmes, intercept 55,000 spam emails, thwart over 600,000 network intrusion attempts, shut down 94,000 Botnet command and control attempts, and block access requests to 150,000 malicious websites.

Does your company intend to launch any new services in the coming fiscal? If yes, what would be its unique features?

In India recently we have expanded our India Technical Assistance Centre by adding support engineers, professional services consultants and Premium Account managers. The company has also invested in highly-skilled engineering resources to help customers solve difficult technical issues and deploy complex architectural designs and implementations.

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