Fortinet offers 5 strategies to fight automated cyber-attacks

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cyber-attacksAs cybercriminals are now using advanced automation tools to deploy malware with much greater speed and scale, Fortinet, a global leader in high performance cyber security solutions,  offers five key tools to file the attack.

According to Fortinet, hackers have been using automated tools to dramatically multiply sophisticated cyber-attacks on critical national infrastructure, public & private sectors and governments. Cyber-crime syndicates are also turning to automated tools as they reduce traceability.

“A huge proportion of exploit activity today is fully automated, using tools that scan wide swaths of the Internet, probing for openings,” said Rajesh Maurya, Regional Vice President, India & SAARC, Fortinet.

He further added, “We need an automated computer system that mimics the decision-making process of a human expert to detect threats. Such controls may not remove the actual threat, but will help contain or isolate the breach.”

Here’s the list of five key tools for security leaders in India to unify control across all attack vectors to stop automated attacks:

  1. Patch Management – Patch management is absolutely essential. Mirai and Hajime, more advanced self-propagating worm, exemplify the damage that can be done when IT teams fail to patch known vulnerabilities.
  2. Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) – Intrusion prevention system (IPS) is the first line of defense for organisations. IPS is necessary to perform virtual patching and block hacks and attacks into IoT devices.
  3. Redundancy Segmentation – Redundancy segmentation is necessary because ransom attacks are going after valuable data. It is critical that backups are segmented off networks.
  4.  Focus On Visibility – Prioritise security around critical assets of an organisation. Otherwise if an asset is ransomed or attacked by a distributed denial of service, it will cost your business substantially.
  5. Interoperability – Use proactive solutions and look at ways to create interoperability.

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