IT in Governance Running the Second Lap!

Technology used by the government is going through a consistent phase of revolution. The government is waking up to adopting newer and better technologies not only for citizen services but for their own infrastructure revamp as well. This is evident from the progressive stages of National eGovernance Plan and infrastructure deployment edging towards completion in many states.

Technology adoption in Government sector has clearly arrived in India and there are many organisations that have taken up newer ICT management solutions and re-engineered their processes completely to align with the ever-growing need for better efficiency and output through latest technologies.  India ICT spend is forecast to reach US$71. 9 Billion in 2011, which is staggering a 10.3 percent increase from 2010 spending of US $65.23 billion, according to a report by Gartner. Experts tracking the government sector say India Post,  Indian Railways and LIC will spend US$3 billion on information technology this year, and the government’s share of total IT spend in India will cross 10 percent over the next two years. As per Zinnov Management Consulting, in the  10th five-year-plan (2002- 2007) 0.3 percent was spent on IT. In the 11th  five-year-plan, IT spend increased to 0.5 percent. If today, US$1.5 billion is being spent annually, it could easily go up to US$7-8 billion over the next three to five years.

With the announcement of citizen-centric services in the background of UIDAI project, organisation of big data by various state government departments is going to be the next challenge. UID project is the biggest driver for increased government spending on IT and related areas. According to CLSA Research it will lead to US$10 billion worth of investments in IT consulting, system integration, and computer hardware over the next five to six years.

In such a scenario, there surfaces a strong need for a consolidated resource guide which can be referred to know who is selling what, emerging trends as well as the latest from the biggies in the ICT world. eGov Annual  Resource Guide has been filling up this need for the past two years and here we are again in the 3rd consecutive year to pacify your pangs for a complete resource guide on the ICT in Governance and enterprise sector.

The annual resource guide is yet another humble attempt to provide a ready reckoner on the companies providing different ICT solutions. This issue also has  solution-wise company listing as well as address-wise company listing to  provide an integrated index of ICT vendors for our readers. Improving each year by adding newer companies and technology trends, we believe we will always have space to grow, your feedback and suggestions are awaited!