Orissa IT Minister Launches District Website

Helping the common citizens and will help one to get information about their district, Orissa IT, Minister Ramesh Chandra Majhi has recently inaugurated a new website for Nabarangpur district.

At the inauguration, Mr.Majhi said that the portal will help the common citizens and will help one to get information about the district. Even one can easily obtain forms, data's of the district. Information technology aims to develop human resources, public communication, trade and commerce and reaching technology people's doors. He pledged the new generation to build a digital Orissa. Government will help IT reach the common citizen so as to narrow down the digital divide. Widespread applications of IT would establish a system where the citizens will receive good governance ensuring speed of decisions from a transparent Government through an effective e-Governance System.

Collector, Mr. Sibabrata Dash, said that we are proud to launch the ambitious “standardization of district portal” project, in this remote Nabarangpur district first.  One can easily access and know about the details of different ongoing programs, and about the district

During the inaugural session managing director of Luminus Inforways said displaying the web site that standardized district portal framework, which contains a solution towards e-Government transactions for districts across the country. The standardization of district portal initiative is based on the content architecture of the National Portal of India (NIC) with implemented agency Orissa computer application centre, (OCAC) the designed technical directorate of information technology department, Govt of Orissa.  The contents and formats of the portal include; profile, geography, administrative setup, directory, peoples' representatives and many more. Citizen Services such as acts & rules, e-forms, policies, enquiries, guidelines to get caste and domicile certificate, registration of documents, ration card, land records, Right to Information.

“So far, we have completed the websites of this districts with the help of Collector, we are proud to launch the ambitious “standardization of district portal” project, in remote  Nabarangpur district which is first  district in India also  the home district of IT Minister said Mrs. Jayashree Mohanty, Dirictor of Luminus Inforways. Mrs. Further said that in the other districts, data collection and moderation process is under progress “It is more user-friendly. Standardization of district portal would be a one stop source, which delivers information and services through cyberspace,” she added.

Browsers need not type separate web address to open websites of different districts; rather a single address (www.ordistricts.nic.in) can open a page where names and links of all the districts are available.