Marching Ahead in SDC Implementation : Anand Mohan Parial, Additional CEO, Chhattisgarh infotech Promotion Society, Chhattisgarh

Anand Mohan Parial
Additional CEO, Chhattisgarh infotech Promotion Society, Chhattisgarh

Please give your views on the importance of Data Centres in State. How do you co-relate this technological intervention with good governance?

One of our key IT initiatives is to create State Data Center infrastructure for delivery of online citizen services, provide shared infrastructure and consolidation of data at the State level for all departments, business and citizen within the state.

The primary purpose to build this information infrastructure includes sound management and effective dissemination of data and information, create an information-rich climate which fosters informed decision-making for overall benefit of the state citizen. This critical infrastructure is envisioned to become a state data archiving, management and access centre for all development, business and citizen requirement. It is going to be the new focal point for data and application requirement among state departments, organisations, development agencies and state citizen.

What is the status of the Data Centre implementation, under National e-Governance Plan, in the state? When did you expect it to complete?

State Data Centre of Chhattisgarh based on its requirements has been considered and sanctioned funds along with large state category. The RFP document for selection of centre operator submitted by state consultant is already being scrutinised and shall be submitted, after approval from the State Project Committee, to DIT in short time.  Our SDC (State Data Centre) consultant is helping in selection of technology infrastructure, which is sufficiently future proof, support state responsibility towards citizen, can embrace change faster and at less expense with lower ongoing operating cost. We as part of strategy cautiously spend more time on planning then in execution. According to our plan we are hopeful to bring this infrastructure at the same time along with other core infrastructure and utilise the fund in right timeframe and expect the project to complete by mid of next year.

Please name some of the mission critical applications that will run on DC. What is your strategy to ensure maximum uptime for these operations, in particular and resilience in IT systems in general?
Our efforts are focused on ensuring technology to reach all section of society in the state and ensuring citizen gain access to meaningful technology so to develop capabilities that lead to better quality of life. The community participative CHOiCE (Chhattisgarh Online information for Citizen Empowerment) project has been rolled-out in five districts including two major tribal districts. GIS based land record, paddy procurement system for farmers, automation of treasury are some of the state wide endeavour in which we envisage to utilise this technology infrastructure for common masses. For the efficient government process, e-Procurement was our flagship project successfully rolled out in five major departments. The Government of Chhattisgarh has also planned a number of e-Governance applications to be deployed in future which include digital secretariat, citizen call centre, State Agriculture Information System Network (CG-AGRISNET), Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS), Double Entry system for ULBs and e-Municipality. The state data centre primarily will be used for these housing these critical data and computing infra requirements.
How do you perceive virtualisation in Data Centres? 

 In order to apply these industry best practices, different state departments in Chhattisgarh have invested in Best of Breed IT solutions, which, demand to be implemented on separate physical servers and disk arrays, because they either run on different operating platforms, or they demand exclusive processor or disk usage. The result, is a disparate array of servers, disks and operating systems across single or multiple locations which give rise to increasing IT and IT infrastructure management issues and ever spiralling operating costs.

These now to be consolidated centrally at SDC and therefore state is looking for the OS along with virtualisation software to allocate resources to be bundled with the offer. For the state requirements software should be capable of creating virtual H/W & S/W environment for providing independent instances of supported / supplied operating system environment along with required applications. Once in operation the environment can be created, deleted without affecting applications running under other virtual environment. Chhattisgarh is also implementing SSDG / e-Forms to tackle data interoperability issues.