China up 11 places in index of information technology

According to recently published World Economic Forum report, China has improved its information technology infrastructure by receiving 46th position globally this year on the Networked Readiness Index (NRI).

It also replaced India to take the leading position among the BRICs (China, Brazil, Russia and India), according to the Global Information Technology Report 2008-2009 released by the World Economic Forum and business school Insead. The NRI primarily evaluates the ICT (information and communication technologies) environment, readiness and usage in different nations, taking different variables into consideration. Denmark and Sweden once again led the NRI rankings. They are followed by the United States, up one position despite the economic slowdown. The other top 10 countries include Singapore, Switzerland, Netherlands and Canada. India ranked 54th, down four positions. Russia and Brazil took the positions behind India among the BRICs.

The NRI uses a combination of data from public sources, as well as the results of the Executive Opinion Survey, an annual survey by the World Economic Forum with its network of Partner Institutes (research institutes and business organizations) in the countries included in the report. It checks the readiness of individuals, businesses and governments, to use and benefit from IT. The report places particular focus on the relationship and interrelations between mobility and IT this year.