World Bank Funded Project ‘GEMS’ at 191 Sites

Catering to 475 users at 191 sites all over India, Ground Water Estimation and Management System (GEMS) is a World Bank funded project. GEMS offers a comprehensive solution for groundwater management, developed under the Hydrology Project for the Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) in the Ministry of Water Resources.

Growth in population, urbanization and living standards has led to multi-fold increase in demand of water for diverse purposes of irrigation, domestic and industrial uses. Simultaneously the water quality has been showing continuous deterioration. Water, the most essential natural resources for life next to air, demands an integrated approach of analysis of groundwater flow, identification of potential groundwater zones and pollution vulnerability studies.

GEMS provide tools to effectively compile, visualize, and analyze hydro geologic and allied attributes of groundwater resources. Its integration with business software of multiple domains makes it a thorough and complete solution for exploration, planning, development and management of groundwater resources. GEMS is built using MapInfo Professional (GIS), MapInfo Vertical Mapper (spatial interpolation and contouring), SPSS (statistical analysis) and R2V (raster vector data conversion). MapInfo's solutions offer a unique combination of software allowing customers to map, visualize, profile, compare and act upon information.

GEMS covers geophysical investigations, water quality studies, borehole/well logs, time series analysis of water level, rainfall and other meteorological data, as well as spatial analysis in targeting and estimating groundwater resources. GEMS, with specific alterations, can reasonably meet the needs of the above domains. Available GIS based spatial analysis tools, provided by MapInfo in GEMS such as interpolation, contouring, predictive modeling and forecasting, can be effectively used to analyze data of the above domains.